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A Bigger Splash (2015)

Ralph Fiennes, Dakota Johnson, Matthias Schoenaerts, Tilda Swinton
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Music promoter Harry tells his filmmaker friend Paul, "The hard part's over, yeah, rehab and all that?" (0:17)

Harry snorts cocaine.
Harry's rock star friend Marianne rubs cocaine on her gums. (0:18)

Harry: "He told me once that he’d lost six grands worth of cocaine in the parking lot. I mean, I've only seen that much cocaine In my life maybe twice."
Harry's friend Sylvie: ”My sister has attempted suicide.”
”Twice.” (0:23)

Paul tells Harry, "You're an idiot, man, seriously." (0:26)

Harry tels Marianne, "I'm not crazy about the song..." (0:27)

Harry asks Sylvie, "You want to end up in a padded room?"
”... and I was quitting smoking...” (0:30)

Harry, referring to Marianne: "Her mother was mad for cooking." (0:35)

Harry tells Marianne, "And people talk about addiction. They talk about suicide... I doubt he wanted to kill himself anyway... a case of psychic misdirection." (0:38)

Harry's daughter Penelope tells Paul, referring to Harry, "He thinks you're too conceited to stand being addicted to anything." (0:43)

Harry gives Marianne a drug then takes some himself. (0:46)

By telephone, Paul tells Harry, referring to Harry's friend Mireille, "Yeah, well that woman drives like a lunatic." (0:53)

Harry asks Paul, "What, you think I'm plastered?" (1:24)

Grief overcomes Marianne when she realizes that Harry has died. (1:33)

Paul tells the detective, "And then I took a sleeping pill."
Clara translates, ”He took drugs.”
Maresciallo: ”You took drugs?” (1:30)