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A Bird of the Air

Rachel Nichols, Jackson Hurst, Linda Emond, Buck Henry, Judith Ivey, Phyllis Somerville, Anjanette Comer, Erik Jensen, Kaiulani Lee, Matte Osian, Rocco Sisto, Louis Zorich, Gary Farmer
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Highway worker Lyman radios about someone “Driving like he wants to kill himself.” (0:24)

Eleanor tells Lyman and his librarian friend Fiona, “Between that dog and this bird, I’m like to lose my mind.” (0:28)

Fiona reads a newspaper article describing Lyman as “... effectively mute...” after surviving an accident that killed both his parents. (0:37)

Fiona tells a security guard, “There’s no telling what kind of idiot pervert could be lurking out here in the night.”
She answers Lyman: “Intuition.”
Lyman: “Your intuition is just terrible.” (0:40)

Lyman asks Fiona’s dog Floyd, “Tough to handle these wild mood swings, huh?” (0:46)

A motorist tells Lyman, “Not me, you idiot.” (0:48)

Parrot Tonto’s former owner Duncan tells Lyman, referring to the woman he bought the bird from, “She had a son, Michael, back then we called retarded.” (1:16)

Lyman radios, referring to a driver, “He looks drunk.” (1:18)

The parrot’s former owner Ivy Campbell tells Lyman, referring to the parrot, “He’s got a better memory than I do.” (1:24)

Fiona tells Lyman, “Well, you’ve been on painkillers...”
Lyman: “I still get confused.” (1:31)

Does Lyman suffer from schizoid personality disorder?