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A Bullet for the General

CastGian Maria Volonté, Klaus Kinski, Martine Beswick, Lou Castel, Andrea Checchi, Spartaco Conversi, Jaime Fernandez, Joaquin Parra, Aldo Sambrell, Jose Manuel Martin, Santiago Santos, Valentino Macchi
Year released1967
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Lt. Ferreira asks soldier Garcia, “Are you loco?” (0:07)

Niño asks gun runner El Chuncho, referring to Chuncho’s brother El Santo, “Is he mad?”
”He’s... not mad.” (0:24)

Officer, referring to El Santo: “That man is a lunatic.” (0:37)

His friend Raimundo tells Chuncho, “You miserable madman...” (0:40)

Adelita tells Niño, referring to Chuncho, “He likes the cheers of the drunk [people].” (0:59)

Adelita asks are bandito lover Pepito, “Why do you think we’re wasting time here... for you to get drunk?” (1:00)

Adelita: “Pepito, you’re dead.” (1:21)

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