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A Chorus Line

Michael Douglas, Alyson Reed, Terrence Mann, Sharon Brown, Vicki Frederick, Cameron English, Yamil Borges, Gregg Burge, Audrey Landers, Pam Klinger, Blane Savage, Michael Blevins
diazepam | Valium | propoxyphene | Darvon
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Dancer Diana tells choreographer Zach, “Please, I'm too nervous.” (0:30)

Dancer Cassie asks assistant choreographer Larry, “You got any ice for my ego?” (0:37)

Dancer Bobby tells Zach, “Oh, and I was always thinking up these spectacular ways to kill myself, but then I realized to commit suicide in Buffalo is redundant.” (0:39)

Dancer Sheila tells Zach, “That's when I saw that movie The Red Shoes.” (0:42)

Dancer Kristine tells Zack, “It's just I'm really nervous.” (0:49)

Dancer Val tell Zack, “I never heard of The Red Shoes. I never saw The Red Shoes. I don't give a shit about The Red Shoes.” (1:07)

Zach asks dancer Paul, “On 42nd Street with all those crazies?”
”I freaked out.” (1:24)

Dancer Cassie: “Does anybody have any Darvon, Valium?” (1:40)

Dancer Bebe tells Zack, “A few months ago... I had a kind of breakdown.” (1:44)

Reference in Connie and Carla