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A Dangerous Woman (1993)

Barbara Hershey, David Strathairn, Debra Winger, Gabriel Byrne, Chloe Webb, John Terry, Laurie Metcalf, Jake Gyllenhaal, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jan Hooks, Paul Dooley, Viveka Davis, Richard Riehle
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Politician Steve Bell tells his daughter Patsy, referring to his wife Anita, "She's loaded now."
Aunt Frances: ”She's drunk.”
Patsy: ”David called and said she was drunk.” (0:04)

Frances narrates, referring to Horace Beechum and Martha: "She cried with me when he died, the way she did when they buried her father..." (0:09)

Customer Westley stutters. (0:15)

Francis tells Martha, referring to handyman Mac Mackey, "Half smashed."
”I come back, there's this drunk man in the driveway.” (0:26)

Martha tells Mac, referring to her father,
”He died.”
"... if you run for State Assembly, you cannot have a drunk wife..." (0:28)

Crooked dry cleaning worker Getso tells Mac, "Hey, don't worry."
Getso: ”What, are... you nuts?” (0:30)

Mac tells Martha, "I get hangovers now before I... before I finish drinking. You ever been drunk Martha?" (0:35)

Party guest Heidi, referring to Anita: "She must be awful drunk." (1:07)

Frances tells Mac, "I'm so drunk." (1:10)

Frances tells Mac, "I was drunk."
Mac: ”I was thinking about getting drunk.” (1:14)

Mac tells Martha, "I was drunk." (1:17)

Mac tells Martha, referring to Getso, "He was drunk."
”I’m just a... drunk...” (1:30)

Mac tells Frances, "I was drunk and..." (1:33)

How would you diagnose Martha? Asperger's? Autistic Disorder? Somewhere on the spectrum?