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A Merry Friggin' Christmas

Joel McHale, Lauren Graham, Clark Duke, Oliver Platt, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Tim Heidecker, Candice Bergen, Robin Williams
Robin Williams | methamphetamine
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Boyd Mitchler: "Maybe I was destined to become an overcompensator as a dad..." (0:02)

His teacher wife Luann tells Boyd, "I wasn’t going to ask if you want to smoke meth or kill a drifter."
”Do you think you’re overcompensating on the Christmas thing, just a tad?” (0:04)

Boyd’s father Mitch tells his daughter-in-law Shauna, "Oh yeah, I’m delirious."
Shauna: ”With the help of our marriage counselor, me and Dave have worked through his transgressions.” (0:10)

Shauna tells the others, "... thanks to me and Dave’s marriage counselor, uh, we are back on the marriage train..."
Mitch: ”Great, you sparked Nelson’s PTSD.”
Mitch’s wife Donna: ”Posttraumatic stress disorder.”
Mitch: ”A head injury. He got a head injury serving his country.” (0:15)

Luann tells Boyd, "This is just crazy." (0:23)

Mich, referring to Dave: "Shut the hell up, you degenerate. Pervert."
Shauna: ”He’s not a pervert.”
Mitch: ”A guy who exposes himself to a busload of old folks..., what the hell should I call him if not pervert?”
Shauna: ”In Dave’s defense, he was drunk...” (0:24)

Mitch tells young Boyd, referring to the tooth fairy, "Pervert." (0:27)

Shauna tells Donna, "Dave and I’s marriage counselor says that a lot of my self-esteem problems come from the fact that you have never confronted Dad about his drinking..." (0:29)

Vera: "Rance is a certified moron, Douglas, so anything he was about to say would be certified moronic." (0:30)

Santa tells Boyd, "It’s crazy." (0:32)

A convenience store clerk tells Boyd, "Your pop, that crazy old son of a...." (0:33)

Boyd tells Mitch, "You may also recall that you were too hammered to drive home..." (0:34)

Donna tells the others, referring to Nelson, "Whenever he gets panicked, he just falls asleep in the craziest places." (0:35)

By telephone, Nelson tells Donna, "Jeez, I’m sorry I had you worried, Mom." (0:39)

By telephone, Luann tell Boyd, "... maybe there was confusion over the translation of house-sit." (0:45)

Rance asks Douglas, "You want to be cool... or retarded?" (0:47)

Nelson tells Boyd, "... I fell off that Humvee, and I got just a touch of brain damage." (0:48)

Vera: "Rotten food can cause hallucination, Rance." (0:50)

Donna tells Luann, "I left a couple times when it got too hard, took the kids to my folks, then when his bender was finished, he’d call bellyaching..." (0:51)

Boyd asks Mitch, "Are you high?" (0:54)

Luann asks Donna, "My Boyd... who’s a Type A hedge fund manager?" (0:55)

Mitch tells Boyd, "You're not some idiot who’d run away from a cop like that."
”Suppose I might have said it sooner if I hadn’t been so hammered for the last 30 years.” (0:58)

Mitch tells Boyd, "... it’s the least i can do, you know, being shitfaced and emotionally abusive most of your childhood." (1:01)

A snow globe snowman tells young Boyd, "Maybe it’s a dream, or maybe I’m your subconscious, secretly trying to unearth truth for you in the form of a waking hallucination..." (1:03)

Douglas asks Santa, referring to the bourbon, "Won’t it make you drunk?" (1:09)

Luann tells Boyd, "I’m drunk."
Mitch: ”Dave’s the designated pervert in this family.” (1:11)