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A Shot in the Dark (1964)

Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Elke Sommer, George Sanders, Graham Stark, Tracy Reed, Burt Kwouk
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Maid Maria Gambrelli tells inspector Jacques Clouseau, "Well, I guess I was unconscious."
Clouseau: ”Unconscious?”
”Yes, you have received a mild concussion with that bump.” (0:17)

Clouseau tells his assistant Hercule Lajoy, "You idiot." (0:19, 0:24)

Clouseau calls Hercule, “You idiot.”
"Instinct." (0:24)

Clouseau tells Maria she was quoted by gardener Georges Duval as characterizing Miguel Ostos, the murder victim as, "That crazy Spaniard who raped me in my father's field."
Maria: ”For Miguel, he was really in one of his moods last night.”
”... suddenly he was tearing off my clothes and cursing like a madman.”
Clouseau, referring to Ostos: ”... he was behaving like a jealous madman.”
”Yes, I know, but don't worry.” (0:32)

Clouseau asks Hercule, "How can she lead me to him if she's still in prison, you idiot?" (0:35)

Clouseau tells Hercule, "You are an idiot." (0:39)

Clouseau tells Benjamin Ballon, "I submit that you found Miguel with Maria Gambrelli and killed him in a fit of jealous rage." (0:46)

Clouseau runs through an open window. (0:50)

After Maria tells Clouseau that Ballon's maid Dudu is dead, he faints. (0:59)

Police Commissioner Charles Dreyfus tells his assistant François, referring to Clouseau, "Get me that idiot..." (1:00)

Maria tells Clouseau, "I feel like I'm losing my mind." (1:03)

Dreyfus tells François, "That's a sadistic thing to suggest." (1:07)

Clouseau asks his servant, "Cato, are you insane?"
”Give me the telephone, you idiot.” (1:08)

Dreyfus tells his psychoanalyst, referring to Clouseau, "That nincompoop, that megalomaniac."
Sanity and reason become things of the past. Madness reigns.”
”You go about offering irresponsible suggestions like that, Doctor, and you'd better find yourself a good analyst.”
”I haven't closed my eyes in 3 days. Yes, I'm cracking up.” (1:10)

Maria tells Clouseau, "You're drunk."
Clouseau: ”Don't worry, my darling.”
”Don't worry... It's nothing to worry.” (1:21)

Clouseau answers Dreyfus, "Insanely jealous."
”He's a madman, a psychotic.”
Dreyfus: ”Idiot, nincompoop, lunatic.”
Dreyfus displays a tic. (1:26)

Clouseau tells Hercule, "Don't worry."
”... don't worry.” (1:28)

Clouseau tells the others, "Now, Maria could not see who the killer was, because she was unconscious, and the reason that she was unconscious was that she had received a bump upon the head..."
Dominique Ballon tells Clouseau, ”You clumsy idiot.”
Clouseau: ”Whoever was in that closet opened the door and knocked Maria unconscious.” (1:33)

Dreyfus tics. (1:37)

A maid tells Clouseau, referring to a butler, "Look, he's crazy."
”That’s insane.” (1:38)