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A Star Is Born (1954)

Judy Garland, James Mason, Jack Carson, Charles Bickford, Tommy Noonan, Lucy Marlow, Amanda Blake, Irving Bacon, Hazel Shermet
Judy Garland
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An usher tells producer Oliver, referring to actor Norman, “He’s drunk.”
Man: “Probably drunk.” (0:06)

Man, referring to Norman: “This guy is stoned.” (0:10)

Entertainer Esther tells pianist Danny, referring to Norman, “You know, drunk or not, he’s nice.” (0:17)

Maitre d’ Bruno tells Norman, “They’re crazy people, you know.” (0:20)

Esther tells Norman, “And you’re cold sober.” (0:26)

Esther tells Norman, “Maybe you’re not quite as sober as we both thought you were...”
Norman: ”I’m as sober as a judge, and I know exactly what I’m saying.” (0:28)

Danny asks Esther, “You crazy or something?”
Danny: “... when we get to Frisco, I’ll... have your head examined.” (0:38)

Producer Oliver: “Is Maine drunk?” (0:44)

Publicist Matt asks Esther, “What’s the matter, you afraid of heights?” (0:58)

Oliver tells Norman, “I don’t know what I’m going to do except go crazy.” (1:04)

Norman tells Esther, “Suppose I quit drinking.” (1:33)

Oliver tells Norman, “Those big fat blush days when a star could get drunk and disappear and hold up production for two weeks are over.” (1:47)

Matt tells his stenographer Miss Willer, “I’m in the mood where you can make more than your usual quota of mistakes.” (1:49)

Norman asks Esther, “An American in Paris?”
Esther: ”An American in Paris?” (1:54)

Master of ceremonies: “And then my dear wife entered the argument with a little lecture on child psychology...” (2:05)

Esther tells Oliver, referring to Norman, “He’s in the sanitarium. He really wants to stop drinking, Oliver.” (2:16)

Oliver visits Norman in the “sanitarium.” (2:21)

Woman in the crowd, referring to Norman: “Drunk again.”
Man: “He’s been drunk for years.”
Norman relapses with a glass of Scotch. (2:27)

Oliver tells Esther, referring to Norman, “He’s been arrested on a drunk charge.” (2:29)

Bailiff, referring to a defendant: “Plain drunk...”
Referring to Norman: “Drunk and disorderly.”
Judge Barnes: “You’re nothing but an irresponsible drunk, driving around the streets...” (2:31)

Norman walks into the surf to drown himself. (2:44)

Funeral for Norman (2:46)

Danny tells Esther, referring to Norman, “He was a drunk, and he wasted his life, and he loved you.” (2:51)

Reference in The Ritz