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A Strange Brand Of Happy

Rebecca St. James, Shirley Jones, Joe Boyd
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His roommate Ben tells newly unemployed David Weathersby, "Seriously, it's depressing." (0:04)

Ben tells David, "She is a life coach. Joyce Heller is a life coach, and she can fix you, David..." (0:08)

David answers Joyce, referring to Ben, "Because he thinks I need a life coach.”
”Because I lost my job, and he thinks I'm depressed..." (0:12)

David tells Ben, "I'm nervous you have glaucoma."
Ben: ”I'm nervous you have AIDS.”
David, referring to Joyce: ”She wants me to take this one online personality test.” (0:13)

David tells Ben, "Feels kind of stalker-ish." (0:15)

David tells Joyce, "Yeah, online personality test. Turns out I'm a creative feeler, which sounds perverted like I'm an artistic molester." (0:16)

David tells Joyce and her realtor friend Angie, “... he is crazy happy and he has this vest..."
”It's life coach encouragement.” (0:17)

His landlady Terry tells David, referring to her cousin, "He's been on suicide watch since Thursday."
”But then said you're feeling a little depressed.”
David asks Ben, ”What are you doing telling people I'm depressed? Come on, man, don't say that, especially to crazy people.” (0:20)

Ben tells David, "I'm craving shrimp." (0:24)

David asks Joyce, "Are you stalking me again?" (0:26)

Joyce tells David, "... I told them about wacky waffles."
David: ”Wacky. Wacky waffles.”
Joyce: ”It's a wacky waffle.”
David: ”Yeah, it was way too wacky for me.” (0:28)

Retirement home resident Mildred asks David, "Are you doing drugs?" (0:33)

David tells Joyce, "I'm nervous. I'm nervous your ears are broken." (0:39)

David tells Ben, "That's insane."
Ben: ”Yes, David, wanting money for electricity is so crazy.” (0:52)

David tells the others, "I'm a little confused right now." (0:53)

David's former boss William tells Joyce, "... let's just say men have addictions..."
Joyce: ”Addictions.” (0:58)

Angie tells Joyce, "This whole thing is crazy." (1:00)

Joyce asks David, "Are you drunk?"
David: ”I'm a little drunk. I'm a little drunk... if you have a day like today you get a little drunk...” (1:05)

David asks Terry, "Do you think this is happening if I don't get fired and I don't get drunk?" (1:07)

Mack tells Mildred, "You're so grouchy." (1:15)

David tells Rose, "That's crazy. I'm sorry, but like, to me that's legitimately crazy." (1:18)

Ben asks David, "Hey, so what are you going to do if William freaks out, and, like, stabs you in the neck or something?" (1:23)

David tells a man, "I'm nervous." (1:24)