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A Tale of Springtime

Florence Darel, Eloise Bennet, Sophie Robin
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Philosophy teacher Jeanne tells her new piano student acquaintance Natacha, "But tonight I'm in a childish impatient mood."
Natacha: ”Do you have insomnia?” (0:13)

Natacha tells Jeanne, "You’ll decide if I'm crazy."
Referring to her father Igor’s lover Eve: ”One day, either unconsciously or as an insult, she came, when I was there, wearing the necklace.” (0:41)

Jeanne asks her cousin Gaelle, "Are you crazy?" (0:46)

Jeanne tells the others, referring to her students, "That doesn't mean, as you might think, amusing them with pop philosophy, psychoanalysis, social science, all that stuff. " (0:56)

Jeanne tells Natacha, referring to Igor’s lover Eve, "She's very pretty and very intelligent."
Referring to Igor: ”He doesn't need all these nutcases who chase him” (1:03)

Igor tells Eve, "You're crazy..." (1:12)

Igor tells Jeanne, referring to Natacha, "She's more of a kleptomaniac." (1:18)

Jeanne tells Igor, "I was being obsessive when I got angry this morning. I get obsessed about making sure people are free... To make it worse I live with an obsessively messy man."
Igor: ”If you were madly in love with him you'd forget your own sense of order and accept his.”
Jeanne: ”I’d never be madly in love. I'm not mad.”
Igor: ”As for me, I have never been loved in any way but madly, unfortunately.”
”Because of my obsessions?”
Jeanne: ”No, besides obsessions.”
Igor: ”I follow my instincts.”
Jeanne answers, ”More like psychology.” (1:21)

Jeanne: "You're crazy, Natacha."
Natacha: ”My father’s paranoid enough.” (1:39)

Natacha tells Jeanne, referring to Igor, "He doesn't have amnesia." (1:42)

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