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A Wedding for Bella

Scott Baio, Kristin Minter, Rosemary Prinz, John Amplas, Zachary Mott, John Bechtol, Rose Bray, Paula Carroll, Shuler Hensley, Biagio Izzo
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Baker Bella tells baker and corporate raider Dominic, “Ricotta with rum silk golden raisins and a nutmeg graham crust.”
Bella: “What I do wrong I get that crazy man.”
Dominic: “You know, Bella, alll your sane friends got burned at the stake...” (0:07)

Bella tells her husband Massimo, “I go crazy if I sit.”
”You crazy.” (0:10)

Bella tells Dominic, “Massimo is old and crazy...” (0:16)

Dr. Wahl asks Dominic, referring to Bella, “And how would you describe her mental state?” (0:18)

Bella, referring to Massimo: “That man is crazy.” (0:38)

Dominic tells Bella’s Peace Corps worker daughter Lucca, “There’s a psychotic logic here...”
Bella asks Massimo, “You crazy?” (0:44)

His baker brother Eddie tells Dominic, referring to Lucca, “She will not, because you are crazy.”
Eddie: “You’re nuts...” (0:46)

Lucca asks Dominic, “Why aren’t you on some psychotropic drugs?”
”Because my mother died a year after I finished graduate school.” (0:51)

Eddie tells Dominic, “Man, you are nuts.” (0:56)

Lucca tells Dominic, “This is insane.” (0:59)

Lucca tells Dominic, “Two years ago I got depressed, and a month ago I lost my mind, which made me susceptible to your insanity.”
Dominic: ”What made you lose your mind?” (1:00)

Their baker brother Pino tells Dominic and Eddie, “You think I don’t get to have my own sadness, because I’m retarded.” (1:21)

Dominic asks Lucca, “Want to get hammered?” (1:25)

Dominic: “I’m an idiot.” (1:27)

Dominic and Lucca grieve as a priest administers last rights to Bella. (1:29)

Pino grieves as does Massimo. (1:31)