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After the Fox

Peter Sellers, Victor Mature, Britt Ekland
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The prison doctor asks a guard, "Why were you so worried?" (0:12)

Prisoner Aldo Vanucci, disguised as the doctor, tells the guards, "Imbecile. Imbecile."
”Imbecile. Imbecile.” (0:13)

Aldo's mother tries to jump from a window to kill herself. (0:24)

One of Aldo’s henchmen tells another, "Tell the world where we are, imbecile." (0:31)

Man: "They're crazy..."
”Stop it, you crazy kids.”
Aldo: ”They're insane. They're insane.” (0:36)

Gina, Aldo, and Aldo’s henchman watch Easy Living in a theater. (0:38, 0:41)

Aldo (now movie director Federico Fabrizzi) tells actor Tony Powell, referring to Sophia, "She's hysterical. She's hysterical." (0:58)

Powell tells Aldo's sister Gina (now Gina Romantica), "You're very sweet, and very drunk." (1:05)

Fabrizzi tells Powell, "You get the symbolic meaning." (1:13)

Fabrizzi tells Okra’s sister, "Don't worry."
Okra: ”If Papa were alive, he'd kill himself.” (1:22)

His henchman tells Fabrizzi, "It's crazy, smuggling gold in front of 300 people. It's crazy, I tell you." (1:24)

By telephone the police chief from Rome tells his detectives, "Of course, you idiots, it's the gold of Cairo." (1:27)

By telephone the police chief from Rome tells Sevalio police chief Rizzuto, ”Don't just stand there, idiot. Idiot.” (1:30)

Rizzuto tells the driver, "Faster, idiot." (1:31)

Judge, referring to the film critic: "Get this idiot out."
”Now the whole world's gone crazy...”
Aldo: ”But don't you worry about Vanucci.” (1:39)

Aldo, posing as the doctor, tells a prison guard, "I don't know why you worry." (1:41)

The doctor tells the guard, referring to Aldo, "Imbecile, he's escaped."
”Idiots.” (1:42)