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Alice's Restaurant

Arlo Guthrie, Pat Quinn, James Broderick, Tina Chen, Michael McClanathan
heroin | marijuana
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The draft board clerk asks folk singer Arlo Guthrie, "What's this Huntington's chorea?" (0:03)

Arlo's musician friend Roger puts a roach in a box. (0:06)

Arlo and his friend Renie walk past a man smoking a hookah. (0:21)

Shelly asks Alice, "Did you think I was out here shooting up?"
Alice: ”Shoot up.” (0:42)

Arlo answers Karin: "Huntington's chorea." (0:46)

Partiers share a joint. (1:01)

Alice calls police chief Obanhein, "pig-eyed idiot." (1:07)

Arlo asks Obie, referring to himself and Roger, "Obie, do you think we're going to hang ourselves?" (1:08)

His girlfriend Mari-chan tells Arlo, referring to the draft, "They'll never take anyone as crazy as you." (1:16)

Arlo: "They've got a building down in New York City called Whitehall Street where you get injected, inspected..."
”I proceeded on down the hall, getting more injections, inspections,...”
A soldier tells Arlo, ”See the shrink.”
”I said, ‘Shrink, I want to kill. I want to kill’.” (1:16)

Alice answers Shelly: "The big fix you’re flying on."
Shelly: ”I'm absolutely off... I kicked it. I beat it.”
Ray: ”We found your... cooker.”
”You bastard, you'll get the whole church busted bringing your junk in here.”
Shelly: ”It's not junk.” (1:27)

Pallbearers carry a casket. (1:30)

Arlo learns of his father Woody’s death. (1:31)

Arlo: "... Shelly was buried before I ever made it up there."
Burial of Shelly in a graveyard (1:32)

Preacher: "Alice, do you take this man... for drunk or for sober... for high or for lower..." (1:39)

Partiers share joints. (1:42)

Ray: "We’re gonna get higher and higher." (1:44)