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And Then There Were None

Barry Fitzgerald, Walter Huston, Louis Hayward, Roland Young, June Duprez, Micha Auer, C. Aubrey Smith, Judith Anderson, Richard Haydn, Queenie Leonard, Harry Thurston
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Maid Ethel tells her butler husband Thomas, “It makes me nervous.” (0:09)

Recorded voice of host Mr. Owen charges “Dr. Edward G. Armstrong, that through uncontrolled drunkenness you did kill Mrs. Mary Clees.” (0:13)

Thomas tells Armstrong, referring to Ethel, “She’s quite out of her head, doctor.”
Armstrong: “Uh, hysteria induced by shock. Give her this sedative... If she doesn’t sleep, repeat the dose in two hours.” (0:16)

Detective Blore, referring to Prince Nikki: “Just plain drunk.” (0:20)

Blore asks Armstrong, “Suicide?” (0:22)

Blore tells explorer Philip, “We’ll catch that raving maniac.”
Philip: “A lunatic like Owen could have found a hiding place before Rogers arrived here.” (0:25)

Armstrong tells the others, “So long as there is a lunatic at large we are in mortal danger.” (0:27)

Armstrong tells the others, “The Russian may have committed suicide.”
Quinncannon asks Armstrong, referring to Ethel, ”You didn’t give her an overdose last night, did you?” (0:30)

Quinncannon tells Armstrong General Mandrake was behaving “Like a man out of his mind.”
Quinncannon: “In other words, a lunatic.”
Blore: ”The old boy’s balmy.”
Emily: “Whom the gods destroy they first make mad.”
Quinncannon: “Well, are we looking for a lunatic?”
Blore: “Maybe he’s not as crazy as we think he is.” (0:31)

Armstrong: “A poison glass could mean suicide. An overdose of sedative might have been an accident.” (0:32)

Quinncannon: “I too am a well known person, but doctors have gone mad before now. Judges have gone mad...”
Armstrong: “Bad psychology.”
Thomas, referring to wives, “... they do sometimes drive a man crazy.” (0:36)

Blore tells Philip, referring to Emily, “I think there’s another one who’s balmy.”
”It’ll take a lot to send me off my head.”
Philip: ”I feel quite sane at the moment.” (0:45)

One of the men tells Thomas, “Never mind, you idiot.” (0:47)

Armstrong tells Blore, referring to Thomas, “It fits the psychological pattern.”
Blore: “He got drunk.” (0:50)

Emily tells secretary Vera, referring to Emily’s nephew, “He added to his many sins by hanging himself.” (0:54)

Armstrong tells the others, referring to Emily, “She’s clearly manic-depressive...”
”No sane person would think of using seaweed as a pattern for a shawl.” (0:56)

Blore hands Armstrong a syringe. (0:58)

Armstrong, referring to the poison: “It must be very potent.”
Philip: “It’s mad. We’re all mad.” (0:58)

Philip asks Vera, “Doesn’t that make you nervous...?” (1:00)

Philip tells Blore, “Look, if Miss Claythorne is safe in her room as you say, we’re both behaving like idiots.”
Blore: “I prefer being a living idiot.” (1:03)

Armstrong: “I operated on Mrs. Cees while I was under the influence...” (1:06)

Philip tells Armstrong, referring to Vera, “She was hysterical.” (1:12)

Philip answers Vera’s question: “The mad doctor.” (1:23)

Philip tells Vera of the real Lombard, “He committed suicide.” (1:25)

Quinncannon recites the verse to Vera, while he approaches a noose hanging from the ceiling: “One little Indian boy left all alone. He went and hanged himself, and then there were none.”
Vera: ”What if I don’t agree to hang myself.”
Quinncannon: ”I proposed a scheme to confuse the imaginary Mr. Owen... I counted on everyone’s confusion in the dark...”
Vera: “But how can you force me to hang myself?”
Quinncannon poisons himself. (1:28)