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Angel In Red

Leslie Bega, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
cocaine | crack cocaine
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Pimp Sharkey stops a woman from hitting her child. (0:05)

Prostitute Ceil tells Silk, "I need some money, I'm sick as shit."
Ros: ”You ain't worth the time, you cheap junkie.”
Silk hands Ceil a packet of drugs. (0:10)

Prostitute Micki’s brother Robby asks her, referring to a man in a picture, "And he's the one that hit me on the head?"
”Made me stupid.”
Micki: ”You’re not stupid.” (0:12)

Joey tells Sharkey, "You're crazy, man." (0:19)

Cop: "Hey, sell crack somewhere else, kid." (0:19)

Sharkey tells Joey, "You're going to come home drunk again, aren't you?"
Joey: ”You're crazy.”
Sharkey beats Joey. (0:24)

Micki tells Pimp Stash, "Sharkey's going to get really crazy, you know..." (0:34)

Stash tells Micki, referring to Sharkey, "Don't worry about him." (0:38)

His thug Beast tells Stash, referring to Sharkey, “Don't worry.”
Stash: "What's to say he doesn't come back crazier than before?" (0:43)

Sharkey rages in Micki’s apartment. (0:46)

Stash tells Beast, referring to Sharkey, "That asshole’s gone outta his mind." (0:49)

Ros referring to Ceil: "I got to have a junkie for a wife-in-law." (0:52)

Silk tells Stash, referring to Sharkey, "Look man, the dude is crazy." (0:55)

“Charlie” tells Micki and Ros, "Hit me. I want you to hit me." (058:)

Prostitute Susu tells Stash, "Santos says I'm intelligent." (0:59)

Ros tells Micki, "Don't worry about it." (1:00)

Sharkey's sidekick Donkey tells him, referring to Robby, "Don't worry about the kid, he's a... retard." (1:06)

Ros asks Tina, "This guy, he had his nose all filled up with cocaine, right? It had to be some pure stuff, because, I mean, he was really high." (1:08)

Micki tells Tina and Ros, "Joey’s dead."
Tina, referring to Sharkey: ”He's crazy.”
Tina tells Ros, referring to Micki, ”She ain't worried about what you think, so don't go worrying your black ass about it.” (1:09)

Sharkey tells Micki, referring to Robby, "You don't have to worry about him no more..." (1:12)

Did Robby's intellectual disability stem from traumatic brain injury or mental retardation? Was Sharkey delusional? Did he suffer from Othello syndrome