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Before I Fall

Zoey Deutch, Halston Sage, Logan Miller, Kian Lawley, Elena Kampouris, Diego Boneta, Jennifer Beals
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Ally: "I'm going to try not to be depressed because I'm single on Cupid Day."
”Do you have insomnia or something, Linds?”
One of the girls: ”You’re crazy!” (0:04)

Ally’s friend Samantha tells the others, "It was depressing." (0:07)

Ally tells the others, "I'm just saying it's kind of crazy now."
Their friend Lindsay, referring to another girl: ”Guys, guys, sociopath, 12 o’clock”
Their friend Elody mimics a scene from Psycho, referring to Juliet: ”Norma Bates.” (0:11)

Samantha asks Lindsay, "Were you nervous your first time?"
Lindsay: ”I was too drunk to be anything. Don't freak out if it hurts...” (0:13)

Samantha asks Rob, "How drunk are you?"
Rob: ”I'm not drunk. Don't worry about it.” (0:15)

Ali tells Samantha, "I'm rich and have ADD." (0:16)

Lindsay, referring to Elody: "Oh, she's so shit-faced."
Elody: ”No, you’re shit-faced, too, shit-face.” (0:16)

Juliet tells Elody, "You're a drunk."
Lindsay: ”We'd rather be bitches than a psycho.”
Elody: ”Yeah, psycho.”
Elody: ”Yeah, psycho.”
Ally: ”Psycho.”
Samantha: ”Psycho.”
Lindsay: ”Go back to the ward, you psycho bitch.” (0:18)

Ally tells the others, "That was insane."
Lindsay, referring to Juliet, ”She freaked me out.” (0:20)

Lindsay asks Samantha, "Are you nervous for tonight?" (0:24)

Lindsay asks Samantha, "Are you nervous?" (0:26)

Samantha tells her boyfriend Rob, "I'm freaking out." (0:28)

Her classmate Kent tells Samantha, "I feel like I'm having déjà vu with you being in my room."
Samantha: ”Oh, my god, I've been having déjà vu all day long.” (0:30)

Lindsay tells Samantha, "I'm confused." (0:30)

Juliette tells Elody, "You're a drunk."
Lindsay tells Juliet, ”We'd rather be bitches than a psycho.”
Elody: ”Yeah, psycho.”
Elody: ”Yeah, psycho.”
Ally: ”Psycho.”
Partier: ”Psycho. Psycho.”
Lindsay: ”Go back to the ward, you psycho bitch.” (0:31)

Lindsay tell Samantha, referring to Juliet, "You know she should be institutionalized." (0:39)

Samantha, referring to Juliet: "She killed herself."
Elody: “How totally insane.”
Lindsay: ”We all knew she was crazy.”
”Yeah, well, that was before she became a sociopath, Ally.” (0:43)

Lindsay tells Juliet, "Go back to the ward, you psycho bitch." (0:59)

Kent asks Samantha, "Well, do you remember in third grade right after my dad died?... I was crying..." (1:10)

Samantha tells Juliet, "... I know this may sound crazy..."
Juliet, referring to Lindsay: ”She was so upset she started wetting the bed.”
Juliet runs in front of an oncoming car. (1:15)

Samantha: "For the first time, when I wake up I'm not scared or confused or angry..." (1:17)

Lindsay tells Elody and Ally, "Oh, yeah, I think I know why Sam's in such a good mood." (1:22)

Lindsay, referring to Juliet: "Sociopath, 12 o’clock" (1:24)

Juliet runs in front of an oncoming truck. (1:31)