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Before I Go to Sleep

Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth, Mark Strong
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Christine awakens unable to recognize her husband Ben.
Ben tells Christine, “You had head injuries, and you had problems remembering things.” (0:02)

By telephone Dr. Nasch tells Christine, “We've been doing some work on your memory, all right?”
Christine plays back a recording of herself on a digital camera: ”I'm 40 years old, and I'm an amnesiac.” (0:06)

Dr. Nach tells Christine, “I explained that I was a neuropsychologist and that I was preparing a paper on atypical psychogenic amnesia, and that I was prepared to treat you on a pro bono basis.”
”According to the medical report, your injuries were commensurate with repeated blows to the head.” (0:09)

Christine records herself on a digital camera: ”I'm 40 years old, and I'm an amnesiac.” (0:13)

Dr. Nasch tells Christine, “There are plenty of case histories of patients going back to where they suffered trauma.” (0:17)

Caretaker Mr. Nancarrow tells Christine when he found her, “You were very confused.” (0:18)

Ben tells Christine, referring to their son, ”Adam died about three weeks before his 9th birthday.” (0:31)

Christine records herself, referring to Ben: “His grief isn't new, but it’s new for me.” (0:33)

Nasch asks Christine if she means to tells Ben, “About the therapy?” (0:37)

By telephone, Dr. Nasch tells Christine, “I'm a neuropsychologist...”
Christine sees his name tag: “Consulting Neuropsychologist”
Nasch prepares a syringe. (0:39)

By telephone, Nasch tells Christine, “I only administered a mild sedative, just something to calm you down, not put you to sleep.“
”You were confused. We call it confabulation. Your imagination, fillied in the gaps in your memory, turning me into the man who did this to you.” (0:42) Nasch tells Christine, “Vulnerable patients often develop feelings for their psychiatrists... We call it countertransference.”
”I'm referring you to an excellent neuropsychologist at St Thomas's,”
”Ben had you transferred from a psychiatric hospital in 2007 to an adult Community Care Center.”
Referring to the administrator: ”She became extremely confused.” (0:43)

Christine reads a letter from Ben, referring to their son Adam: “... I just can't put him through that kind of trauma again.” (0:56)

Ben hits Christine. (0:58)

Christine records: ”Ben hit me. I told him everything, and he hit me.” (0:59)

A man appears to use a volatile anesthetic to render Christine unconscious. (1:04)

By telephone Nasch tells Christine: “We've been doing some work on your memory...” (1:05)

Ben (now as Mike) hits Christine repeatedly. (1:16)

Christine records again, “I'm 40 years old, and I'm an amnesiac.” (1:18)

Nasch tells Christine, “I'm a neuropsychologist... You have two cracked ribs, a mild concussion...” (1:19)