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Blow The Man Down

Bridget Savage Cole, Danielle Krudy, Margo Martindale, Marceline Hugot, Morgan Saylor
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Priscilla Connolly, referring to her deceased mother: "There was a lot to love about Mary Margaret." (0:02)

Wake for Mary Margaret Connolly (0:03)

Fisherman Gorski snorts cocaine. (0:12)

Priscilla tells her sister Mary Beth, "I'm confused."
Mary Beth: ”It's confusing.” (0:16)

Police officer Justin Brennan tells Priscilla, referring to his friend Paulie, "It drove him nuts." (0:27)

Gail tells Enid Nora Devlin, referring to the body of a woman who worked for Enid, found dead in the harbor, "Bullet wound, track marks." (0:33)

Gail tells Alexis, "We are worried about you girls." (0:40)

Enid tells Brennan and Officer Colletti, referring to Tanya, "I think she may have been too wrapped up with the drugs."
Brennan: ”Would you mind telling us how long she was using?” (0:42)

Enid tells Alexis, "Dee was a selfish, ungrateful junkie who was always skimming off the top." (0:57)

Mary Beth tells Priscilla, "Well, you were freaking out." (1:01)

Priscilla tells Brendan, "Oh, our uncle Henry got really drunk..." (1:07)

Enid tells Priscilla and Mary Beth, "God, I miss your mother." (1:16)

Priscilla and Mary Beth visit the cemetery. (1:22)