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Born on the Fourth of July

CastTom Cruise, Kyra Sedgwick, Tom Berenger, Frank Whaley, Raymond J. Barry, Caroline Kava, Bryan Larkin, Willem Dafoe, Jerry Levine, Josh Evans, Jamie Talisman, Anne Bobby, Stephen Baldwin
Year released1989
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His friend Stevie tells him, "Come on, Ronnie, you're crazy."
”No, you're crazy.” (0:17)

Ronnie prays: "Sometimes, God, I'm so confused." (0:24)

Ronnie tells his captain, "It was a very confusing day."
”Very confusing.” (0:35)

Male nurse: "Hit him with some morphine." (0:48)

A doctor tells Ron, "... we have a very good psychologist here." (0:49)

Physical therapist Willie: "You’re one crazy marine, Kovic." (0:50)

Willie asks Ron, "You going off the deep end?"
”Ron: ”Trying to keep me drugged so I don't know what's going on around here, man.” (0:55)

Ron's mother tells him, referring to Ron's brother Tommy, "He's hanging around with those creepy long hairs who take drugs and smoke pot." (1:07)

A flashback of combat interrupts Ron’s speech. (1:13)

His friend Timmy tells Ron, "That's crazy, man."
”It was crazy.”
Referring to headaches: “They just come, like I'm going crazy or something.”
”Well, mostly I do a lot of drugs.”
”It was insane over there. It was crazy.” (1:15)

Ron tells his high school sweetheart Donna, referring to letters he wrote, "Crazy stuff, huh." (1:22)

Protestors share a joint. (1:24)

Ron tells Donna, "Boy, was I crazy that night." (1:24)

Jenny tells Ron, "I think you’re really crazy."
Man, referring to Ron: “He’s... shitfaced.” (1:32)

His mother asks Ron, "Are you drunk again?”
”He's drunk again. Eli, we have a drunk for a son." (1:33)

Paraplegic Vietnam veteran Charlie: "You know you're really drunk on this mescal shit..." (1:41)

Flashback of combat (1:49)

Ron tells Charlie, "You're nuts, you know that? You're nuts." (1:53)

Ron visits the grave of Wilson, the soldier he killed by mistake in Vietnam. (1:57)

Mr. Wilson describes his son’s funeral.
Ron describes the day he killed Wilson: “It was very confusing.”
”And then it got really crazy... I was, uh, confused...” (2:00)

Police radio: "Drugs, marijuana..." (2:07)

A television reporter describes "... disabled veterans protesting the Vietnam War." (2:10)

Protestor: "... Piscatelli’s got a concussion." (2:13)

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