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Box of Moonlight

John Turturro, Sam Rockwell, Catherine Keener, Lisa Blount, Annie Corley, Dermot Mulroney, Alexander Goodwin, Mike Stanley, Rica Martens, Ray Aranha, Robert Wightman, James Richardson, Stephen Dupree, Eugene Wolf, Reathel Bean
Spoiler alert
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Engineer Al sees water appear to go backward from glass to pitcher. (0:07)

Al sees a boy ride backwards on his bicycle. (0:14)

Al sees coffee appear to go backward from cup to pitcher. (0:21)

Buck asks engineer Al, “Are you... crazy?”
Al: “You get in an accident and you injure somebody, you’re going to jail, especially if you’re driving intoxicated with a carload of illegal fireworks.” (0:46)

Buck tells Al, “Just me, my instincts, and nature, that’s all you need.”
Al: “... I’ve started seeing things.”
”Well, I’m seeing things moving... backwards.”
Al, referring to Indians: “They had visions 24 hours a day.” (0:58)

Buck asks Al, “Are you... crazy?” (1:12)

Al asks his son Bob, “Mom’s in a bad mood?” (1:15)

Buck asks Al, “Isn’t that crazy?”
Phone sex worker Floatie: “That’s a great movie, Green Berets.” (1:23)

Al sees repeats of the water and bicycle visions. (1:32)

Floatie’s sister Purlene tells Buck, “You idiot, put that down.” (1:36)