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Brad's Status

Ben Stiller, Austin Abrams, Jenna Fischer, Luke Wilson, Jemaine Clement, Michael Sheen
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Chris Kanew tells his boss, non-profit executive Brad Sloan, "... this job has made me kind of depressed." (0:01)

Brad describes his successful friend: "Nick Pascal was a big movie director in Hollywood, living this crazy, decadent life." (0:02)

Brad tells his wife Melanie, "Can’t sleep."
Melanie: ”Is that why you’re worrying about money?”
”You’re freaking me out.” (0:04)

His son Troy tells Brad, "Dad, can you not be weird, ‘cause I’m stressed?" (0:07)

Melanie tells Brad, "This is crazy." (0:10)

Brad: "Must be like a drug." (0:15)

Troy tells Brad, "I’m not really worried."
Brad: ”... when I was your age, I was so freaked out about college... just obsessed...”
”Life’s crazy, huh?” (0:19)

Boy snorting lines of cocaine(?) through a straw. (0:23)

Troy tells Brad, "Now I’m nervous." (0:44)

Brad: "Coming through for Troy made me giddy." (0:44)

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel tells Troy, "It sounds like your dad might be a little bit crazy."
Kimmel: ”It sounds like your father might be mentally ill...” (0:46)

Brad tells Troy, "I don’t want you to worry about this yet." (0:49)

Brad tells Troy’s college student friend Ananya, "I just, uh, had a little insomnia..." (0:56)

Brad tells Troy, "I’m hungover." (1:03)

Troy tells Brad, "... you are... nuts." (1:06)

By telephone, his businessman friend Jason Hatfield tells Brad, "... I’ve gotta make a noon flight back to New York, or I’m gonna miss this deposition..." (1:08)

Prof. Connor’s secretary tells Brad, referring to Connor, "He had a stroke..." (1:11)

By telephone Brad asks Melanie, "Isn’t it crazy how we made this kid, and now he’s this brilliant amazing person?" (1:13)

Brad’s friend Craig asks Brad, referring to Troy, "Is he medicated?"
”I wish I’d been there at his memorial.”
Brad, referring to Jason, ”Uh, he sounded stressed.”
Craig, referring to their friend Billy: ”He’s a drunk.”
”He’d probably been out all night on a bender.”
”It’s not that stressful.”
Brad: ”You know, my mom died, and you never said anything.”
Brad: ”Okay, I’m genuinely confused.” (1:18)

Troy: "Hey, Dad, you having some kind of a nervous breakdown or something?"
Brad: ”Sometimes... I worry... that people... think of me as... a failure.” (1:32)