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By Love Possessed

Jason Robards Jr., Lana Turner, George Hamilton, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
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Lawyer Arthur Winner answers his partner and father-in-law Noah Tuttle, "Well, that you won't blow up in a rage..." (0:03)

Lawyer Woolf asks Noah, "... has your memory failed to the point where you’re incompetent and should be removed as trustee of this or any estate?" (0:13)

Lawyer Julius Penrose tells his wife Marjorie, "You know that when you're not drunk... Sober."
Julius tells Arthur, referring to Marjorie, ”She's miserably unhappy so she gets drunk.” (0:14)

Woolf asks Arthur, referring to Noah Tuttle, "You’re worried about him, aren't you, Mr. Winner." (0:33)

His son Warren tells Arthur, "Just about every ruling on insanity in this state since they burned Mrs. Crow."
”You're going into court today to defend that idiot girl who gave birth to an illegitimate and smothered it right away.”
”Have you spoken to that expert witness of yours, Dr. Arsevich?”
”Plead insanity.”
Arthur, referring to Carolyn: ”Because she's not guilty, because she's not insane.”
Warren: ”Wasn't she insane not to know that?”
Arthur: ”Warren, that's not the test for insanity in this state... I have no right to plead insanity and try and have her committed to an institution.”
Warren: ”But a person can know right from wrong and being sane in every other way.” (0:36)

Noah tells Arthur, "... you can't be sure the parson isn't going to be an idiot." (0:39)

Arthur's law partner Julius Penrose tells Arthur, "Incompetent." (0:42)

Arthur tells his wife Clarissa, referring to her father Noah, "His memory’s not what it used to be." (0:45)

Julius tells his wife Marjorie, "And you, if you keep on the way you’re going, they're going to label you the lovely lush."
Marjorie: ”I gather you don't care if I'm a lush...”
”I went to your room with love and anxiety...”
”You told Arthur last night that you’d let me go anytime I asked you -- sober. Well, I'm sober, Julius.” (0:50)

Warren: "Sobe're, your bearable Sydney, but drunk, you’re dull." (0:53)

Sydney asks Helen, "I've been meaning to ask you, who's your psychiatrist?"
Helen: ”I have no psychiatrist.” (0:54)

Warren answers referring to the town, "Yes, just as it expects Sydney to get drunk and strip and be dull doing it." (0:55)

Veronica Kovacs tells Warren, "Veronica isn't the kind of girl who's all the time got to get loaded... If I get drunk and pass out, it's no fun for me, and if you get drunk and pass out, oh, it's no fun for me." (1:02)

Arthur tells Warren, referring to Veronica, "... Or if she was too drunk to know what she was doing."
Warren: ”She was as sober as a judge.”
Arthur: ”Were you drunk?”
”I suggested Veronica was drunk, oh, so drunk that she couldn't consent....”
”You have a man's confidence but the panic and fright of a boy.” (1:10)

Noah tells Arthur, referring to Dr. Trowbridge, "God's presented you with Christ’s Church for another 3 months, despite your idiocy." (1:15)

Arthur tells Marjorie, referring to Warren, "He's confused, hostel, guilt-ridden..." (1:21)

Helen: "Oh, don't worry about me, Uncle Arthur." (1:30)

Arthur tells Clarissa, referring to Warren, "He panicked." (1:33)

By telephone, Dr. Reggie Shaw tells Duncan, "I've got the suicide note here."
by telephone, Noah reads Helen's letter to Duncan: ”I guess we Detweiler's have always been the town suicide family. Even my mother and father's drowning was no accident... You know how hard I've tried to hide my spells of depression, but they've grown deeper every year...”
Arthur tells Shaw, referring to Helen, ”She practically drew a suicide map for me...” (1:34)

Marjorie asks Arthur, "Something about Helen's suicide?" (1:38)

Warren tells Marjorie, "Town can stop worrying, did I or didn't I?"
Marjorie, referring to Helen: ”She committed suicide.”
”She killed herself.” (1:42)

Arthur tells Julius, "Noah's not incompetent..."
Julius: ”Why don't we pay it back now, then there'd be nothing to worry about.”
”Last Tuesday you wanted to tell Noah he was incompetent...” (1:45)

Marjorie tells Julius, "You are what you are, a strong, moody, complicated man..." (1:54)