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Carnival of Souls

Steve Boozer, Sidney Berger, Art Ellison, Forbes Caldwell, Stan Levitt, Dan Palmquist, Tom McGinnis, Bill de Jarnette, Frances Feist, Candace Hilligoss
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Organist Mary tells a man who asks her about the car crash, “I don’t remember.” (0:05)

Mary sees the face of a strange man where her own reflection should be, then she sees him standing in the road in front of her. (0:12)

Mary sees The Man outside her window. (0:16)

Mary sees The Man in a stained glass window, in the sanctuary (0:18)

Mary tells the church minister, “I’ve practiced the whole afternoon, and it’s got me in a mood.” (0:19)

Mary sees The Man at the bottom of the stairs. (0:25)

Her warehouse worker rooming house neighbor John asks Mary, “What do you think, I’m an alcoholic? Look, I just like to start the day off in a good mood...” (0:32)

For a few moment other people fail to see or hear Mary. She fails to hear sounds. (0:36)

After she sees The Man again, physican Dr. Samuels tells her, “Hysteria won’t solve anything.” (0:38)

Mary tells Samuels, “It was as though... for a time I didn’t exist...”
”He’s been following me...”
Samuels, referring to the car crash: “But that experience must have been a serious emotional shock.”
Mary: “You think I’m insane?”
”I’m a competent person.”
Samuels: “Look what can happen... following a serious emotional shock.”
”I’m not a psychiatrist...” (0:39)

Reflected in her mirror, Mary sees The Man where she should see John. “That’s just what I need: get mixed up with some girl who’s off her rocker.” (0:59)

Mary again loses, for a few moments, the ability to hear and finds that others cannot see or hear her. (1:06)

Mary boards a bus only to find zombies menacing her. (1:08)

Mary sees The Man in Dr. Samuels’ chair. (1:11)

Mary sees her doppelganger dancing with The Man. (1:14)