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Cartas a Elena

Jose Eduardo, Jorge Galván
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Postman Teo tells his stepson Emilio, referring to Aurelio Soto, “He is mad, disappointed with life itself.” (0:09)

Teo reads a letter from their son Octavio to the Sotos: “... and no matter what it takes, I’m gonna get the custody of my daughter.” (0:09)

Burial in a graveyard. Emilio and Tina grieve the death of Emilio’s godmother Vieja Madrigal. (0:15)

An older woman dictates a letter for Teo to write: “We will go to the doctor on Wednesday so he can get a prescription for the medicine that makes him feel better.” (0:19)

Aurelio beats Emilio. (0:23)

Teo tells Emilio how he misses his dead wife. (0:26)

Teo reads a letter to parents: “... your granddaughter is consuming drugs...” (0:32)

Octavio tells his parents, referring to his daughter’s mother Alyssa, “... and she won custody.” (0:34)

Emilio grieves the death of Teo. (0:42)

Emilio reads a letter to parents: “He stopped consuming drugs and got a good job.” (0:57)

Barman Jacinto tells Aurelio, “You’re hallucinating, Soto, hallucinating.” (1:03)

Aurelio: “You’re all a bunch of idiots.” (1:04)

A woman tells Father Brambila, referring to the husbands, “They stick around and get drunk.”
Another woman: “We are mortified, because in addition to getting home drunk, they are also not bringing the groceries or the letters...” (1:24)

His friend Elena tells Emilio, “... very crazy...” (1:31)

His wife asks, “Aurelio, what have you done, you miserable drunk, what have you done?” (1:36)

One by one the old people die. (1:38)

His son Daniel visits Teo’s grave. (1:40)