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Circle of Two

CastTatum O'Neal, Richard Burton
Year released1981
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Woman character in film: "You’re a sadist. That’s what you are, a sadist." (0:03)

High school student Smitty: "Boy, must be a porno Gone with the Wind." (0:04)

Smitty’s high school student friend Sarah Norton tells her mother Philippa, "You’re crazy." (0:05)

Sarah tells painter Ashley St. Clair, referring to pastries, "I’m crazy about them."
Ashley: ”Spend a lot of time on a boat, worrying about why I haven’t painted for 10 years.”
Sarah, referring to her Egyptologist father Michael: ”He’s a nut for tombs.” (0:08)

Sarah tells Ashley, referring to Hamlet, "Then he disappears and lets the girl go nuts."
”This man is very lovable, but completely wacked.” (0:17)

Smitty asks Sarah, offering her a joint, "Toke?" (0:)18

Ashley tells Sarah, referring to William Blake, "A divine madness."
”He loved her to madness, his madness and hers.”
”The impossibility of it all drove her to suicide. She drowned herself, just like the girl in Hamlet.” (0:21)

Sarah tells her father, referring to her mother, "I can’t stand her obsession with my private life."
Mr. Norton: ”Now who’s obsessed with who’s private life?” (0:3)

Sarah tells Ashley, referring to television character Columbo, "I’m crazy about him."
Ashley asks himself, ”Are you out of your mind?” (0:35)

Ashley tells Sarah, referring to an artist, "He slit his wrists, sprayed his blood all over the canvas until he dropped dead." (0:39)

Ashley calls Sarah, "Crazy kid."
Sarah: ”This is no crazy kid speaking.” (0:46)

Sarah tells Ashely, "You were just a crazy, mixed up kid." (0:56)

Paul tells Sarah, "You... you screwed that awful perv." (0:58)

The doctor tells Ashley, referring to Paul, "The boy has a fractured skull." (1:00)

Michael tells Sarah, "You’ll do all your studies her, and if you refuse, we’ll call in a psychiatrist." (1:03)

Michael tells Ashley, referring to Sarah, "You’ve confused the hell out of her." (1:06)

Dr. Reed tells Sarah, "You’re nuts."
Sarah: ”Think I need a shrink?”
Reed, referring to Paul: ”He’s been mainlining Methedrine.” (1:08)

Reed tells Sarah’s parents, "I have got to make you realize, crazy as it seems, but this is not slight stuff." (1:11)

Smitty tells Sarah, "That’s crazy." (1:16)

Sarah tells Ashley, "It’s Gone with the Wind."
Ashley: ”I saw this idiot making a fool of himself over a young girl.” (1:25)

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