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Come What May (2015)

August Diehl, Olivier Gourmet, Mathilde Seigner, Matthew Rhys, Alice Isaaz, Laurent Gerra, Joshio Marlon, Thomas Schmauser, Jacques Bonnaffé
Adolf Hitler
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Germans: “Heil Hitler!” (0:03)

Mayor Paul tells the horse, “Come on, Hitler.” (0:06)

Paul tells German dissenter Hans “That’s why we call him Hitler.” (0:07)

World War I military graveyard (0:07)

Paul tells the townspeople, “Now, we mustn’t give in to panic.” (0:14)

Paul: “Giddy up, Hitler.” (0:21)

Hans’ son Max: “Good boy, Hitler.” (0:26)

Scottish officer Percy tells Hans and wine collector Albert about the loss of his brothers, then, “My entire company died today.” (0:38)

By radio Hans tells the Germans, “Heil Hitler.” (0:48)

Hans looks for Max among the graves of children. (1:17)

Percy tells Hans, “It does take more than maniacs like me to win a war.” (1:20)

Max finds Hans asleep in a graveyard (1:27)

Paul: “Giddy up, Hitler.” (1:42)

Paul tells a German officer, “Heil Hitler.” (1:43)