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Connie and Carla

CastNia Vardalos, Toni Collette, David Duchovny, Stephen Spinella, Alec Mapa, Chris Logan, Robert Kaiser, Ian Gomez, Nick Sandow
Year released2004
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Young Connie and Carla sing songs from Oklahoma!, Jesus Christ Superstar, Yentl. (0:01)

Frank tells a policeman, referring to crime boss Rudy and his henchman Tibor, “These guys are big time coke dealers.” (0:06)

Singer Carla tells her partner Connie, “Drive, Thelma, drive.” (0:08)

Carla opens a package, spraying white powder cocaine all over the car. (0:10)

Connie tells Carla, “We need to get drunk.” (0:16)

Performers and patrons in drag. (0:17)

Carla asks Connie, “Are you crazy?” (0:18)

Peaches N’Cream sing Let’s do the Time Warp Again. (0:20)

Connie and Carla sing Cabaret, Maybe This Time, and Don't Cry for Me Argentina, (0:21)

One female impersonator tells another, “Come on, Toto.” (0:25)

Tibor watches a performance of Mame. (0:26)

By telephone, Rudy tells Tibor, referring to Connie and Carla’s car license, “If you’d written it down, you idiot.” (0:26)

Connie and Carla perform Everything's Alright. (0:27)

Carla: “Well, Connie, I do believe it’s time for South Pacific sing-along.” (0:29)

Bartender Robert in drag: “We are such idiots.” (0:29)

Robert asks, “Are you drunk?” (0:33)

Connie and Carla perform Don't Rain on My Parade. (0:33)

Theater marquee: Mame (0:39)

Robert tells his brother Jeff, “Save it for Dr. Phil.” (0:40)

Theater marquees: Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Producers, Gypsy, Mamma Mia!, Long Day's Journey into Night, Chicago, Man of La Mancha (0:44)

By telephone Tibor tells Rudy, “I saw Rent...”
”I got a ticket to the matinee of Hairspray.” (0:44)

Performance of Cabaret (0:46)

Performance of Mame (0:48)

Jeff tells Connie, “I’ve never known a cross-dressing person before...” (0:51)

Performer: “Aren’t you nervous.” (0:54)

Carla tells Connie: “All these women come to our show and idolize us because as men we have better female self-esteem than they do.” (0:55)

Performance of Let Me Entertain You. (0:56)

Connie tells Jeff, “I can smell the stress on you.”
Jeff: ”I’m not as uptight as you think I am.”
Connie: “You like uptight girls.” (0:59)

Rudy tells Tibor, referring to Al, “Follow that idiot.” (1:03)

Carla asks Connie, “Are you crazy? You must be out of your mind.”
Connie: “We’re having a nervous breakdown.”
Carla: “Yeah, maybe we’re having a delayed reaction to the trauma of being shot at...”
”... and that white powder? That was cocaine.” (1:05)

Theater Marquee: Bride of Frankenstein
Lee (N’Cream) tells the others, ”It was like I was Professor Cross-dresser or something.” (1:10)

Connie tells Carla, “We should have the guys should enter from the back of the house on "Good Morning Starshine"
Debbie Reynolds tells Connie and Carla, “Oh, Honey, if you’re gonna enter from the house, you’ve gotta do it on Seventy Six Trombones.” (1:19)

Performance of There Are Worse Things I Could Do (1:21)

Performance of What I Did for Love (1:22)

Performance of Good Morning Starshine, then Mame. (1:23)

Stanley tells Debbie Reynolds, “I loved you in What’s the Matter with Helen?.” (1:24)

Connie answers Debbie Reynolds, “The Guys and Dolls tribute?”
”Hey, who saw Yentl?” (1:27)

Performance of There Is Nothing Like a Dame (1:32)

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