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Crimes of the Heart

Diane Keaton, Jessica Lange, Sissy Spacek, Sam Shepard, Tess Harper, David Carpenter, Hurd Hatfield, Beeson Carroll, Jean Willard, Tom Mason, Gregory Eugene Travis, Annie McKnight, Eleanor Eagle, Jessica Ezzell, Natalie Anderson
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Chick Boyle asks her neighbor, "Lenny, have you lost your only mind, or what?" (0:05)

Lenny Magrath tells her singer sister Meg, referring to their sister Rebecca, "... I believe that Babe is ill, I mean, in her head ill."
Meg: ”There are plenty of good, sane reasons to shoot another person.”
Lenny: ”You don’t have to worry anyway...” (0:13)

Lenny tells Babe, "Don’t you worry." (0:16)

Lenny tells Chick, referring to Babe, "She does seem a little confused." (0:19)

Meg tells Babe, referring to Chick, "Well, she’s an idiot."
Babe: ”Sometimes I wonder... why Mama hung herself.” (0:21)

Babe tells her sisters, "Don’t worry." (0:25)

Babe’s lawyer Barnette Lloyd tells Meg, "... possibly we could go with innocent by reason of temporary insanity."
Meg, referring to Babe’s medical record: ”Oh, this is madness.” (0:31)

Babe places flowers at the grave of her mother in a graveyard. (0:32)

Babe tells Meg, referring to Willie Jay, "Why do you think I’m so worried about his getting public exposure?"
In a flashback, Baby holds the muzzle of a revolver to her head.
”I was gonna shoot off my own head..., and then suddenly I thought about Mama, how she hung herself, and here I was about ready to shoot myself... I didn’t want to kill myself, and Mama, she probably didn’t want to kill herself either... I wanted to kill Zackery, not myself...”
Her senator husband Zackery tells Babe, ”You little idiot.” (0:35)

Barnette tells Babi, "You’ve just shot one Zackery Botrelle as a result of his continual physical and mental abuse."
”... there’s no reason for you to get yourself so all upset and worried. Don’t you worry Ms. Botrelle.” (0:39)

Babe tells her sisters, "One thing I wanted was a team of white horses to ride Mama’s coffin to the grave."
”Well, I was drunk on champagne punch.”
”Woman Hangs Herself And Cat”

Lenny tells Meg, "Why, I have long since given up worrying about you and all of your men."
Meg tells Lenny, ”We were just worried about you...” (0:59)

Meg tells Doc Porter, "I was crazy."
”I went nuts, ended up in an L.A. County Hospital psychiatric ward.”
”Meg goes mad.” (1:06)

Lenny tells Babe, referring to their Old Granddaddy, “... now they say that he’s in this coma...” (1:12)

Chick asks Lenny, referring to Old Granddaddy, "Is he still in coma?" (1:13)

Lenny tells Meg, "We’re just... we’re kind of depressed."
Meg, referring to Old Granddaddy: ”If it sends him into a coma, well that’s just too damn bad.”
Babe: ”He’s in a coma.”
”He’s in a coma.”
Lenny: ”He had another stroke.” (1:15)

Chick tells Lenny, referring to the Magrath family, "Hanging yourselves in cellars..."
”And don’t think she won’t end up in some... mental institution.”
”Are you crazy?” (1:26)

Babe tries to hang herself. When she fails, she prepares to stab herself, but cannot. She then begins to gas herself in the oven, but Meg stops her. (1:31)

Babe tells Meg, referring to their mother, "I know why she hung that old cat along with her."
Referring to Zackery, ”He says he's going to have me classified insane and send me on out to Whitfield Asylum.”
Meg: ”Well, ‘cause you’re not insane.”
”You’re just as perfectly sane as anyone walking the streets...” (1:35)