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Death Wish II

Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Vincent Gardenia, J.D. Cannon, Anthony Franciosa, Ben Frank, Laurence Fishburne
marijuana | phencyclidine
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Gangster Cutter shares a joint with gangster Jiver. (0:08)

Mute Carol Kersey jumps through a window. (0:16)

Carol's architect father Paul tells police Inspector Lieutenant Mankiewicz, referring to the gangsters, "One of them hits me on the head, and I’m knocked me unconscious." (0:17)

Paul identifies Carol’s body. (0:18)

Burial of Carol in a cemetery
Paul’s client Elliot Cass: ”Don't worry about the new building, Paul.” (0:19)

Mankiewicz tells Paul, "Pictures might jog your memory." (0:23)

Paul finds gangster Stomper involved in drug dealing, white powder taste (0:32)

Television reporter: "Police believe the two deaths are drug-related." (0:34)

Police commissioner: "I can just see all kinds of panicked citizens taking to the streets if this gets out." (0:42)

Paul tells his reporter girlfriend Geri Nichols, "You're crazy."
Paul, referring to New York police detective Frank Ochoa: ”Not only odd, the guy is crazy.” (0:34)

Gangster Nirvana shares a joint with Cutter, who shares it with gangster Punkcut. (0:58)

Ochoa tells the cab driver, "If you hear shooting, don't worry..." (0:59)

Drugs for guns deal (1:00)

Police radio: "Subject lighting object, appears to be narcotics..." (1:07)

Paul tells Jerry, referring to Ochoa, "He was nutty, just like I told you." (1:11)

Judge, referring to Nirvana: "Psychiatric testimony indicates that he was under the influence of PCP, a mind-altering drug." (1:11)

Paul Reeves to Geri, referring to Nirvana, "Charles I. Wilson was remanded to the McLaren State Hospital..." (1:12)

Sign: "McLaren State Hospital" (1:13)

Identification card: "Psychologist" (1:14)

Geri tells Paul, "Let's get smashed..." (1:16)

Paul forges and identification card: "Psychologist" (1:16)

Paul tells a nurse, "I'm looking for a patient, Charles Wilson." (1:17)

Paul tells guard Kay, "I'm Doctor Carter, court-appointed therapist for Charles Wilson." (1:18)

Kay tells Paul, "That's the electroshock room..."
Paul: ”Therapy.” (1:19)

Radio reporter: "Charles Wilson was undergoing psychiatric treatment in the hospital." (1:24)