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Desperately Seeking Susan

Rosanna Arquette, Madonna, Aidan Quinn, Mark Blum, Laurie Metcalf, Robert Joy, Will Patton, Peter Maloney, John Turturro, Steven Wright, Anne Carlisle, Anna Levine, José Angel Santana, Giancarlo Esposito, Richard Hell, Carol Leifer, Michael Badalucco
Dr. Ruth | diazepam | Valium | marijuana
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Her sister-in-law Leslie tells Roberta, referring to a man in a personal ad, "He must be some kind of a pervert." (0:01)

Roberta watches Rebecca on television. (0:10)

Newspaper headline: “MOBSTER FALLS FROM HOTEL WINDOW” (0:15)

By telephone, his friend Jim tells movie projector operator Dez, referring to his girlfriend Susan, ”Some guy she met in Atlantic City got pushed out of a hotel window.”
Dez: ”I’m in a shitty mood, okay. I’m not in a mood for being a Boy Scout right now." (0:26)

Roberta hits her head on a pole, leaving her unconscious. Disoriented, she tells Dez, ”I don’t remember.”
”This is like a déjà vu#.”
”How can you have a déjà vu if you don’t remember anything?”
”No, no, I mean, this is all déjà vu.”
Dez: ”... I’m not in a great mood today.” (0:30)

Dez tells Roberta, referring to smoking, "Maybe you should quit." (0:36)

Roberta’s spa business owner husband Gary tells his sister Leslie, referring to Roberta, "She’s much too uptight."
Gary: ”Leslie, not everybody is obsessed with orgasms.”
”We’re nervous.”
Leslie: ”Then take a Valium like a normal person.” (0:42)

Dez tells Roberta, referring to Jim, "He was pretty worried." (0:43)

Susan asks Gary, referring to Roberta, "Is she into drugs?"
Gary: ”Drugs? Roberta? She’s never smoked a joint in her whole life.”
Susan, referring to Meeker: ”Got pushed out of a hotel window in Atlantic City.” (1:01)

Susan reads a book title to Gary, "Dr. Ruth’s Guide to Good Sex."
”Got any pot?”
Gary: ”Pot?” (1:08)

Susan shares a joint with Gary. (1:10)

Dez renders Jim unconscious with a blow to the head.
Dez tells Jim, “You had me worried.”
Referring to Roberta, ”I’m really crazy about her, and she’s really crazy about me.” (1:22)

Gary: "Hey, listen, Susan, your little surprises are beginning to make me nervous." (1:27)

Gary asks Susan, "What, are you on drugs or something now?" (1:35)

Roberta renders Meeker unconscious with a blow to the head. (1:37)