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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Zachary Gordon, Devon Bostick, Rachael Harris, Robert Capron, Steve Zahn, Connor Fielding, Owen Fielding, Peyton List, Laine MacNeil, Grayson Russell
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Rowley tells Greg, "... you don’t have to worry about being in my magic show anymore..." (0:18)

Sign on partier’s back: "Bed Wetter" (0:34)

His friend Ben tells Greg’s older brother Rodrick, "The girls will freak out." (0:35)

Grave stones (0:36)

Greg tells Rodrick, "Don’t worry."
Rodrick: ”I must be losing my marbles.” (0:43)

Greg tells Rodrick, "I looked like an idiot." (0:59)

Greg and Rodrick’s mother Susan, "My instincts told me you weren’t being honest."
Greg tells Rodrick, ”It was so crazy that morning that I forgot we took the pictures.”
Greg and Rodrick’s father: ”... everybody was trying to make me feel like I’m losing my mind.” (1:09)

Greg tells Holly, "... but don’t worry."
Holly: ”Doesn’t that drive you nuts?” (1:14)

Elderly woman, referring to Greg: "Peeping Tom. There’s a peeping Tom in there. Peeping Tom. There’s a peeping Tom in there."
Another elderly woman: ”Stop that pervert.”
Third elderly woman: ”I’m not the peeping Tom. I’m not the peeping Tom.” (1:18)

Rowley tells Susan, "My assistant, Scotty got stage fright." (1:20)

Rowley introduces himself to the audience, "I am the remarkable Rowley, master of illusion." (1:26)

Patty Farrell tells Greg, "Only a moron would find humor in bird poop." (1:29)

Greg: "Dad, are we going to tell them that the audience went crazy for Mom’s weird dancing." (1:31)