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Digging for Fire

Jake Johnson, Rosemarie DeWitt, Orlando Bloom, Brie Larson, Sam Rockwell, Mike Birbiglia, Anna Kendrick
ayahuasca | cocaine | marijuana
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Yoga instructor Lee tells her teacher husband Lee, "Let's not make this a crazy drama." (0:06)

Lee tells her son Jude, "... I'm gonna have a nervous breakdown if I eat dinner on this table like this one more time." (0:09)

Lee smokes a joint. (0:11)

Tim smokes a joint. (0:14)

Tim's friend Paul tells the others, referring to euthanizing a pet cat, "... 'cause the last thing they'll remember is all this panic and fear in the car."
He tokes a joint. (0:16)

Tim tells his friends, "I mean the land is crazy." (0:19)

Guys snorting cocaine "Girls, want a hit or something?"
Alicia snorts cocaine.
Tim: "You're crazy, man."
Tim tells Ray, "Hey, man, you got some coke on your..."
"It's crazy having a kid." (0:24)

Ray snorts cocaine. He asks Max, "You got a joint?"
Max tells Tim, "Smoking up marijuana..."
Ray: "Smoke the doobie..."
Tim: "It's... nuts." (0:30)

Tim tells a visiting neighbor, "I don't do cocaine actually."
Neighbor: "Yeah, I'm a weed guy."
Tim: "Doing some Indiana Jones stuff, I guess." (0:38)

Tim tells Max, "So something like taking ayahuasca, which would be really scary for me right now..." (0:53)

Med student Alicia tells her friend Ben, "I'm a little hungover..."
Ben: "You're hungover?" (0:58)

Max shares a joint with Tim. (1:02)

Lee tells Ben, "Meaning that you were going to get all drunk and everything."
Ben: "We would get all drunk..." (1:03)

Ray tells Tim, "Hey, get high." (1:05)

Max: "Like I'm really nervous right now." (1:06)

Ray asks Tim, "What, are you uptight?"(1:07)

Lee tells Ben, "I think I know people that are happy. That qualifier of insanely is the one that's a little tricky..."
Ben: "Forget the insanely bit." (1:08)

Tim tells Lee, "I might want to try ayahuasca together." (1:18)