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Dinner at Eight

Marie Dressler, John Barrymore, Wallace Beery, Jean Harlow, Lionel Barrymore, Lee Tracy, Edmund Lowe, Billie Burke
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Shipping magnate Oliver Jordan tells his ex-actress friend Carlotta Vance, referring to his daughter Paula, "Well I’m sure she’s crazy to see you." (0:16)

By telephone, his wife Millicent tells Oliver, "Darling, I’m simply out of my mind." (0:20)

Her maid Tina tells Kitty Packard, referring to Dr. Talbot, "He asked were there any symptoms..." (0:24)

Kitty tells her businessman husband Dan, "Dr. Talbot says that you’re an extrovert, and I’m an introvert." (0:25)

Paula tells her actor lover Larry Renault, referring to her parents, "They’d be crazy about you."
Larry, referring to his ex-wife Edith: ”She was crazy about my profile... out in our car one night, drunk as the devil... over the cliff...”
”You’re young and fresh, and I’m burned out.” (0:35)

His agent Max Kane asks Larry, "You know the part that I’d be crazy to play, if I was an actor?" (0:48)

By telephone Wayne tells Kitty, "... and then take a mild bromide... Well, my office is full of patients now..."
Wayne’s wife Lucy: ”I mean, unreasonable women patients.”
Wayne: ”I prescribed a sedative...”
”... it’s like gambling, or drinking or drugs...”
Lucy: ”A habit can be cured, if the patient wants to.”
Wayne: ”The patient wants to.” (0:55)

Wayne tells Oliver, ”... stop worrying about business.” (1:00)

Carlotta tells Oliver, referring to selling stock in Oliver’s company, "... I sort of got worried about it..." (1:08)

Millicent tells Paula and Oliver, "I’m expected to listen to Ernest and business and headaches when I’m half out of my mind... and you come to me with your idiotic little..." (1:11)

Max tells producer Jo Stengel, referring to Larry, "You know he’s just crazy to play the part."
Larry tells Stengel, ”I’m drunk, and I know I’m drunk...” (1:22)

Max tells Larry, "You cockeyed, drunken fool..."
Larry: ”... tellin’ him I was crazy to play the part...” (1:24)

Larry seals the doors and windows in his hotel room then turns on the gas. (1:31)

Dan asks Wayne, referring to Kitty, "Did the patient get well on you?" (1:37)

Carlotta answers Paula, referring to Larry, "Simply that he’s killed himself."
Paula: ”He’s dead Carlotta.” (1:41)

Millicent tells Oliver, "Don’t let that worry you." (1:47)

Kitty tells Carlotta, “I was reading... a nutty kind of a book..."
Carlotta: ”... that’s something you need never worry about.” (1:50)