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Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot

Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Jonah Hill, Jack Black, Mark Webber, Udo Kier, Carrie Brownstein, Kim Gordon, Beth Ditto, Kyle Dunnigan, Emilio Rivera, Angelique Rivera, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Rebecca Field, Christopher Thornton
John Callahan | Elton John | diazepam | Valium | ethyl alcohol
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Support group
Corky: ”I got a prescription for Valium which at least made the days go by quicker.” (0:00)

The master of ceremonies tells the audience, "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage Portland's celebrity cartoonist John Callahan." (0:04)

Alcoholics Anonymous meeting
John Callahan: ”Hi, my name is John, and I'm an alcoholic... The last day that I walked I woke up without a hangover... I was still loaded from drinking the night before.” (0:04)

John: "I knew I had an hour or so of grace before the nervousness of withdrawal symptoms set in." (0:05)

One Callahan cartoon character tells another, "Don't worry boys, he won't get far on foot." (0:10)

John: "I’d drink. I’d hit rock bottom, and I'd drink more and hit rock bottom again. I had to admit to myself that I was powerless over alcohol." (0:13)

Tim: "You sure you want to go to an AA meeting, John?"
Sign: ”Alano Club” (0:13)

Reba tells John, "Welcome to the Alano Club."
Donnie leads the Serenity Prayer
”Hi, I'm Felix, and I'm an alcoholic.”
”I'm Joseph. I'm an alcoholic."
"Out there if people want to hear how many years you've been sober...”
”My name's John Callahan... and I’m an alcoholic”
Meeting leader Donnie: ”Good to know you, John Callahan, who is an alcoholic. I’m Donnie, and I'm an alcoholic.” (0:13)

John: "My small-town experience was limited concerning disability." (0:17)

A woman at a party tells John, "I've been going to therapy.”. (0:18)

John tells partier Dexter, "You're sounding like an idiot."
”Getting blown in the wind you... moron.” (0:20)

AA meeting
John: "... We headed to the next party, but not before we got even more wasted." (0:21)

Dr. Mirione tells John, "The average survival time for catastrophic patients here is 12 hours." (0:25)

John tells physical therapist Annu, "I just feel like I'm going... crazy."
”I remember all the promises to God... like, Rosemary’s Baby.”
Describing hallucination: ”I’ve been watching the gymnasts out there.” (0:28)

An unspecified professional tells John, "After your accident, John, your body doesn't have ordinary psychogenic directions anymore, so you have to use reflexogenic directions." (0:35)

By telephone, John tells Donnie, "I'm calling because I need a sponsor."
”I need a sponsor.”
Donnie: ”My sponsees are piglets.”
”You want me to help you get sober?”
John: ”Sometimes I just, I make jokes ‘cause I get nervous.”
Donnie: ”Everyday... I get massively depressed.”
John: ”Well, I'm depressed from the moment I get up.
Martingale, referring to the cowboy: "He accused me of being drunk... I've been sober now for 3 years. I'm a proud member of AA."
Reba: ”That kind of anger can get in the way of your recovery.”
Donnie: ”Well, what I believe, in our non-sober periods, we all have led somewhat chaotic lives...”
John: ”Do I say, John, I’m an alcoholic?”
Reba: ”... I worked these twelve steps...”
John: ”You're... crazy.” (0:44)

By telephone, a woman answers John, "Disability Resource Center." (0:52)

Donnie tells the group, "... we sit alone with these problems, and they can fester into drinking habits, drug habits, gambling."
”It could be hoarding, bank robbing, suicide.” (0:53)

John: "I’m a cripple."
Vision of John’s mother; ”You can stop drinking.” (1:00)

Donnie tells John, "Keep coming to meetings." (1:02)

In a Callahan cartoon, sign hanging from a beggar’s neck: "Compulsive" (1:05)

Donnie tells the group, "I refer to my higher power is Chucky... the character from the horror movie, not because I'm terrified of my higher power..."
”If you can't look outside yourself, and you can't find your higher power...” (1:05)

John: "Donnie, I see gymnasts in the park."
Donnie: ”Maybe they're manifestations of your sobriety.”
”Callahan, don't obsess over the gymnasts. Go to meetings... and you have to work on the second step...” (1:10)

By telephone, Donnie asks John, "What are the first three steps?"
John recites the steps.
”You believe a higher power other than yourself can restore you to sanity?” (1:15)

An editor tells John, "... some of us are worried that things might have gone too far." (1:16)

John asks Donnie, "Is that Elton John?" (1:19)

Donnie tells John, "It's not about the counselor herself."
John, referring to Dexter: ”’Cause he was... drunk.”
Donnie: ”Would you get in the car with someone you knew was drunk?”
”I was so... drunk. I was so... drunk... drunk since I was a kid.”
Donnie: ”You're approaching the ninth step...” (1:24)

John tells his art teacher Mr. Levine, "I just want to make amends." (1:30)

John tells Dexter, "I'm sober now." (1:32)

Donnie asks John, "Are you working on your sobriety?"
”I spoke at a meeting last week.”
Donnie: ”I love step 12.”
John: ”I was nervous still...”
Donnie: ”Did I ever tell you how I stay sober?”
”I was very selfish.”
”I think I'm still a little selfish... My twelfth step being a sponsor...” (1:41)

John tells the audience, "The intellectual clutter of the daytime hours dissolves my mind, which moves in an almost instinctual animal way." (1:47)