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Dr Christian Meets the Women

Jean Hersholt, Dorothy Lovett, Edgar Kennedy, Rod La Rocque, Frank Albertson
amphetamine | Benzedrine | tobacco
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Kitty tells Dr. Paul Christian, "I just can't sleep, and I toss around all night."
Christian: "Well, you seem to be bearing up pretty well for a person who doesn't sleep."
Kitty: "Well, thanks Dr. Christian for your diagnosis." (0:07)

One of the Mason twins: "Dear old dad was just crazy about checkers." (0:29)

Dr. Christian tells huxter Prof. Parker, "These people are my friends as well as my patients" (0:36)

His wife Martha tells Kitty's grocer father, "George, the way you're acting lately you make me so nervous I could fly." (0:37)

Woman: "Tobacco for you, Grandpa." (0:46)

Kitty faints. (0:51)

George tells Dr. Christian the bottle contains "Parker reducing pills." (0:51)

Dr. Christian tells Parker, "... a young girl is dangerously ill, perhaps, dying, as a result of your treatments."
"I've analyzed the pills that you have given these women and find that they contain Benzedrine sulfate, and Benzedrine sulfate cannot be prescribed except by a registered physician." (1:01)