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Dressed to Kill (1980)

Michael Caine, Angie Dickinson, Nancy Allen, Keith Gordon, Dennis Franz, David Margulies
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In a psychotherapy session, patient Kate Miller tells psychiatrist Dr. Robert Elliott, "My mother is driving me crazy as usual." (0:09)

Elliot listens to a message from patient Bobbi on his answering machine: "I'm a girl inside this man's body, and you're not helping me to get out, so I got a new shrink..."
Message from detective Marino: ”One of your patients, Kate Miller, was killed tonight.” (0:37)

Kate's son Peter tells Elliott, "My father was killed in Vietnam." (0:41)

Elliott tells detective Marino, "I'm sorry, but I'm just not used to discussing a patient's case with outsiders."
”You mean, was she suicidal?”
Marino: ”Yeah, but you're not a psycho.”
”Hey, could she have met one of these nuts at your office?”
”How about a new patient? I mean, how do you know how nuts they are until you see ’em?”
”You're not protecting one of your patients now, are you?”
”See, we got no leads except a witness out there who maybe should take a look at all your patients that were around that morning...”
Elliott: ”... I feel I must protect the confidentiality of my patients.” (0:44)

Transsexual woman on television talk show: "This is very common among transsexuals... When I speak of transsexuals, I tend to speak of male to female, because there are a lot more of them than going the other way..." (0:58)

Peter tells call girl Liz, "The blond must be one of Elliot's patients."
Referring to Kate, ”I miss her.” (1:08)

Liz tells Marino, "Hey, look, I know the murderer’s one of Elliot's patients."
Marino: ”So, you can't just walk into some shrink’s joint and start going through his books, and judges take a long time before they let you start snooping around some shrink's office. Of course, that wouldn't prevent the paranoid murder suspect from breaking in.” (1:12)


Elliott tells Dr. Levy, "You're seeing a patient of mine."
”She's causing me trouble because I wouldn't approve her sex change operation.”
”Kate Miller, the victim, was my patient.”
”Doctor, I am not paranoid... My patient was slashed to death, and my razor’s gone.”
Levy: ”If I agree with your diagnosis, we'll go to the police.” (1:14)

Peter tells Liz, "I timed Elliott's patients coming out of his office."
”I'm just a grief-struck kid.” (1:16)

In a session, Elliott tells Liz, "I try to keep my nights open for returning phone calls or in case a patient needs some extra help. I was worried about you."
”It's what we psychiatrists call ‘a question’.” (1:17)

Liz sees Elliot lying on the floor dressed as a woman. (1:28)

Liz tells Marino, "So when I told you I was attacked on the subway, you thought I was nuts."
Levy, referring to Elliot: ”He was a transsexual.”
”A transsexual.”
”Bobbi came to me to get psychiatric approval for a sex reassignment operation... The sex change operation was to resolve the conflict.” (1:28)

Liz tells Peter, "See, there's men, and women too, who think they're born into the wrong body. They're called transsexuals, and all they want to do is have their sex changed."
”Well, if you're a man that wants to become a woman, you take female hormones.”
Peter: ”And I thought Elliot just put on a dress.”
Liz: ”... if he's ever seen enough to get out of Bellevue, they'll try him...” (1:31)

Patients, some in straight jackets, in psychiatric hospital. (1:33)

Liz sees Elliot dressed as a woman. (1:42)