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Duel at Diablo

Sidney Poitier, James Garner, Bibi Andersson, Bill Travers, Dennis Weaver
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Her husband Willard tells Ellen Grange, "When Chata’s band took you I just near went out of my head."
”Any decent one of them would’ve killed herself before she’d let them turn her into an Indian squaw.” (0:11)

Ellen tells Jess Remsberg, "I was taken away, unconscious." (0:27)

Willard asks cavalry Lt. Scotty McAllister, "You think I’m crazy?" (0:40)

Scotty asks horse trader Toller, "Them horses all you worry about?"
Toller: ”I got ten more to bust, then my worries are over.” (0:44)

Delirious, Scotty flails his sword at imaginary enemy. (1:13)

Marshal Clay Dean tells Jess, referring to Willard, "He was drunk..." (1:31)

Willard shoots himself. (1:41)

Troller stands beside the graves of the fallen soldiers. (1:43)