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El Camino (2008)

Leo Fitzpatrick, Christopher Denham, Elisabeth Moss, Wes Studi, Will Snow IV, Richard Gallagher, Amy Hargreaves, Anne Stevens Koloski, David Schifter, Roxana Haden
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Matthew tells his childhood fiend Elliot, "I heard you ran out of a halfway house."
”I feel like I’m going crazy.” (0:05)

Urn containing Matthew’s ashes (0:08)

Matt’s stripper ex-girlfriend Lily tells Matt’s friend Gray, "Don’t worry." (0:09)

Lily tells Gray, "I’m the crazy bitch..." (0:10)

Man and boy in cemetery (0:19)

Lily gives Elliot a pill then takes one herself. MDMA? (0:31)

Gray asks Elliot, "Are you... rolling, man?" (0:33)

Gray tells Lily, "You are... crazy." (0:37)

Gray tells Elliot, "Yeah, or maybe you’re a... idiot." (0:40)

Elliot tells Gray, "My mother drowned when I was seven years old, and my father pretty much went crazy after that... I hated him after he died." (0:47)

Gray tells Lily and Elliot, "You guys are retarded."
”That’s so retarded.” (0:48)

Lily tells Elliot, referring to her pills, "They help me sleep." (0:57)

Elliot tells Lily, referring to his father, "He died when I was in the system." (1:06)

Lily tells Elliot and Gray, "Don’t get too crazy, though, kids." (1:08)

By telephone, Lily’s mother Janet tells Lily, "I don’t want you doing drugs and drinking in my house." (1:10)

Gray asks Elliot, "What are you afraid of?"
Elliot: ”Water.”
Gray: ”Are you afraid of dying?” (1:16)