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Every Which Way But Loose

Clint Eastwood, Beverly D'Angelo, Geoffrey Lewis, Ruth Gordon, Sondra Locke, John Quade
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Man sitting at the bar tells Big Al, "He's completely confused by now... He turns to the drunk..."
”... And the drunk looks at him, and the drunk says...” (0:03)

College student Carol tells truck driver Philo, referring to the country-western mentality, "Well, if the lyrics of the song are any indication, it's somewhere between moron and dull normal." (0:14)

Philo tells singer Lynn Halsey-Taylor, "When I was in third grade I knew a girl that looked enough like you It makes my memory water." (0:18)

One biker tells another, referring to Philo, "He's crazy." (0:22)

Bystander, referring to philos orangutan Clyde, "Crazy monkey!" (0:25)

Biker 1: "We were..."
Biker 2 finishes the sentence: ”... unconscious for 2 hours.” (0:34)

Police officer Putnam tells police officer Herb, "You're crazy." (1:14)

Philo tells Clyde, "I suppose you think I'm crazy traipsing across the country..." (1:15)

Herb: "That white boys the craziest son-of-a-bitch in the world." (1:25)

Reference in Shaun of the Dead