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Father of the Bride

Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Bennett, Don Taylor, Billie Burke, Leo G. Carroll, Moroni Olsen, Melville Cooper, Taylor Holmes, Paul Harvey, Frank Orth, Russ Tamblyn, Marietta Canty, Frank Cady
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Lawyer Stanley T. Banks, referring to raising a daughter: "... from that day on, you're in a constant state of panic. If the boys swarm around, you're in a panic for fear she'll marry one of them. If they don't swarm around, of course you're in another kind of a panic. Oh, and you wonder what's the matter with her. So you don't worry about it. You say to yourself, ‘I've got plenty of time to worry about that’..." (0:02)

Stanley, referring to his son Tommy: "No worry about him, except to try to keep him fed." (0:04)

Stanley, referring to his wife Ellie and their daughter Kay's fiance: "She wasn't worrying about this Buckley." (0:15)

Stanley: "Funny, the minute you get someone else worrying, you stop worrying yourself." (0:18)

Stanley: "Aw, now, stop worrying, Ellie." (0:19)

Kay tells Stanley, "Oh, don't worry about Buckley." (0:21)

Ellie asks Stanley, "You see how silly we were to worry?" (0:25)

Ellie asks Stanley, "You're not an alcoholic, are you?" (0:25)

Buckley’s mother Doris Dunstan tells Ellie and Stanley, "I can't tell you how crazy we are about your Kay."
Referring to their house: ”I'm crazy to see yours.” (0:26)

Stanley: "What do they think I'm doing in here, filling prescriptions?" (0:33)

Ellie tells Buckley and Kay, "Don't worry." (0:38)

Stanley asks Ellie, "And you've been brooding about it all this time?" (0:39)

Tommy tells the others, referring to Kay, "She's nervous. All women are nervous." (0:45)

Kay tells Stanley, "All this fuss and worry."
”If you're worried about the money...”
Ellie tells Stanley, referring to the guest list, ”I'm going crazy trying to cut this thing down.” (0:46)

Kay tells Stanley, "If he's just this selfish now, so mean when it's a question of our honeymoon..." (1:01)

Buckley Charles Stanley, "I was selfish and pig-headed."
Buckley tells Kay, ”I was selfish, pigheaded and stupid.”
”Don’t worry.” (1:03)

Church man Tringle tells Stanley, "Just don’t worry." (1:05)

Reverend Galsworthy tells Kay, "You're not nervous, are you my dear? She's not nervous."
”Don’t worry.” (1:08)

Ellie tells Stanley, "Don't worry, darling." (1:09)

Stanley tells Kay, "There is nothing to worry about..." (1:13)

Ellie tells Stanley, "Don't worry, darling." (1:16)

Ellie tells Stanley, "I'm worried." (1:27)

A bartender tells Stanley, "Don't worry." (1:27)

Reference in Raging Bull