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Fox and His Friends

Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Harry Baer, Karl-Heinz Bohm, Peter Chatel, Adrian Horen, Ulla Jacobsen, Christiane Maybach
diazepam | Valium
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Antique art dealer Max tells his friend Alwine, referring to carnival performer Franz, "He may not know much, but there's such a thing as natural intelligence." (0:19)

Franz tells Eugen, referring to a man whose car broke down, "After 9 hours, he shot himself." (0:26)

Man dressed as a woman. (0:32)

Franz tells Eugen, "Don't worry." (1:04)

Franz’s sister Helwig call the other partiers, "Idiots!"
Eugen tells Franz, ”Your vulgar, boozed sister is ruining the party.”
Franz: ”Don't be so uptight.”
Eugen: ”She's drunk.” (1:10)

Franz asks Eugen, "Idiot, where did you get it from?" (1:17)

Eugen tells Franz, "An idiocy."
”What an idiot you are.” (1:21)

Franz tells Eugen, "Don't worry."
”Proper or not, you idiot, we have to save the company.” (1:25)

Eugen tells Franz, "First, I don't like sleeping with drunks." (1:29)

Franz tells his business owner father Wolf, "Dad, your memory’s failing you." (1:32)

Bartender Springer, referring to Franz, "He's completely nuts." (1:38)

Eugen tells Franz, referring to Franz’s physical symptoms, "It's probably just hysteria." (1:41)

Dr. Siebenkäss asks Franz, "Have you been upset a lot recently, under stress?"
”That has led to a disorder of the autonomic nervous system... I'll prescribe something to keep the condition under control.”
He writes a prescription for “Valium.” (1:41)

Eugen asks Franz, "Are you depressed?" (1:43)

Franz tells Eugen, "I slaved here like a madman for 2 years." (1:47)

Hedwig asks Franz, "After me, you idiot?" (1:51)

An empty prescription bottle labeled "Valium" lies near Franz on the floor. (1:59)

Max tells Klaus, referring to Franz’s lifeless body, "There are drunks lying everywhere... In Helsinki recently, there were so many drunks lying around even though it's hard to obtain alcohol in Finland."
He reads the label: ”Valium 5.” (2:00)