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G.I. Blues

CastElvis Presley, Juliet Prowse, Robert Ivers
Year released1960
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Sarge McGraw asks singing soldier Tulsa McLean, "Are you nuts?" (0:19)

Tulsa tells another soldier, "I think you’re nuts." (0:21)

Tulsa tells his string bass player soldier friend, "You’re nuts. You’re nuts, Cookie." (0:25)

Entertainer Lili tells Tulsa, "Oh, no need to worry."
Tulsa: ”I wasn’t worried.” (1:07)

Cookie tells Tulsa, "You’re off of your rocker." (1:14)

Cookie tells Lili, "I was about to ask for a tranquilizer." (1:16)

By telephone, Tulsa tells Lili, referring to Rick’s baby, "... he’s going nuts." (1:27)

Reference in Elvis Found Alive

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