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God's Little Acre

Robert Ryan, Aldo Ray, Tina Louise, Buddy Hackett, Jack Lord
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Farm owner Ty Ty Walden asks candidate for sheriff Pluto Swint, "Pluto, you think I've gone clean out of my head?" (0:08)

Ty Ty's daughter Rosamund tells her younger sister Darlin’ Jill, "Must’ve been out of my head a little."
Referring to her cotton mill manager husband Will Thompson: ”He's been drunk all weekend.” (0:27)

Mill security guard Claude: "That's crazy talk, Will." (0:35)

Pluto tells Darlin’ Jill, "I'm so crazy about you."
”Just because I'm so crazy in love with you I can’t hardly see nothin’ else...” (0:46)

Wil: "Ty Ty, it's absolutely crazy." (0:50)

Ty Ty tells Pluto, "Now you've got me worried."
”Now you got me really worried...” (0:56)

Ty Ty’s daughter-in-law Griselda tells Rosamund, referring to Will, "All right, I'll go with you till he sobers up." (1:28)

Al mourn the death of Will. (1:40)

Ty Ty tells his son Buck (Griselda's husband), "If there's anything in the world he's crazy about, it's seeing a man and woman in love with each other." (1:46)