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Going in Style (2017)

Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Alan Arkin, Joey King, Matt Dillon, Ann-Margret, Christopher Lloyd, Kenan Thompson, Siobhan Fallon, John Ortiz, Peter Serafinowicz, Josh Pais, Maria Dizzia, Anthony Chisholm, Jeremy Bobb
marijuana | cocaine
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Retiree Albert tells his retiree friend Joe, “You’re out of your friggin’ mind.” (0:23)

By telephone Al tells Joe and their friend Willie, “You’re both out of your minds.”
Al asks Joe, ”What are you my psychiatrist now?” (0:26)

Willie asks Joe, “Who the hell do you think I am, E.T.?” (0:32)

Grocery store manager Keith tells Al, Joe and Willie, referring to security guard Cindy, “Now she lookin’ like a Columbian drug mule.” (0:33)

Willie and Joe look at jars of marijuana.
Joe’s shopkeeper ex-son-in-law Murphy: “Gentlemen, prohibition is over. Marijuana has superior medical benefits. It’s good for... anxiety... stress. Anxiety... stress. Anxiety... stress.”
Bongs and waterpipes fill shelves.
Murphy answers Joe: ”Right now, anxiety.”
Joe tells Willie, referring to Murphy, “It’s the drugs.” (0:36)

Waitress Mitzi asks Al, “And you know what I’m in the mood for?”
Willie answers Al: “Because apparently, this is the best weed in Brooklyn.” (0:40)

Pet store owner Jesus lights a joint, tokes it and share ii with the men. (0:42)

Al, referring to Joe and Willie: “We got little baby junkies here.”
Joe: “I think I’ll get a prescription for this.” (0:44)

Al tells his friend Milton, “It’s the cocaine.”
Milton: ”You’ve got cocaine?”
Milton tells kids lined up for cotton candy, “We’re out of cocaine.” (0:56)

Albert asks the bank manager, “Are you crazy?” (1:01)

Albert tells Willie, “That was a hell of a time for a panic attack.” (1:03)

Milton tells an FBI agent, referring to Al, “You know, in the cotton candy booth he tried to sell me cocaine.” (1:14)

Young witness Lucy tells FBI agent Hamer, “I got a great memory.” (1:21)

Remake of Going in Style