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Growing up Smith

Jason Lee, Anjul Nigam, Brighton Sharbino, Hilarie Burton, Roni Akurati
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Smith: "My favorite movie was Saturday Night Fever." (0:05)

Poster: "Saturday Night Fever" (0:10)

His sister Asha tells Smith, referring to next door neighbor girl Amy, "You should talk to her instead of being a peeping Tom." (0:14)

Asha tells Smith, referring to Amy's father Butch, "Your hero’s home, but he's wasted."
”Yep, wasted.” (0:37)

Amy and Smith approach a cemetery. Another boy chases Amy through it. (0:53)

One sheriff's deputy asks another, referring to Smith, "Can he plead insanity?" (1:09)

Smith: "... I mourned for Sharmala." (1:31)

Smith tells Butch he became "... the brain surgeon that couldn’t save his wife." (1:36)