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Heal the Living

Tahar Rahim, Emmanuelle Seigner, Bouli Lanners
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Simon jumps from Juliette's window. (0:02, 1:23)

Dr. Pierre Révol tells Simon’s mother Marianne, referring to Simon, “He suffered severe head trauma.”
”He’s in a deep coma. (0:19)

Dr. Révol tells Thomas Rémige, “The second EEG is underway.” (0:22)

Révol tells Simon’s father, “He suffered severe head trauma.”
“When the paramedics arrived, he was in a coma.”
Your son is dead.” (0:24)

Nurse Gisèle tells organ transplant coordinator Thomas, “Second EEG.”
Thomas tells nurse Alice, referring to a goldfinch, “This bird is my drug.”. (0:41)

Sam tells his brother Maxime, referring to their mother Claire, I'm not going to stress her out and tell her I quit college.” (0:50)

Claire and her sons watch E.T.
Sam tells Maxime, “You and E.T. really look alike.” (0:52)

Maxime yells at Sam from a window, “Bye E.T.!” (0:54)

By telephone Claire tells Sam, “The beta blockers are working, which is great.” (0:57)

By telephone Hamé Gaye describes an organ donor: “Car accident, traumatic brain injury, brain death.” (1:13)

Maxime tells Claire, “That's confidential, Mom.” (1:17)