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Hello, My Name Is Doris

Sally Field, Max Greenfield, Beth Behrs, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Stephen Root, Elizabeth Reaser, Natasha Lyonne, Tyne Daly
Woody Allen | Vincent van Gogh
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Memorial service for Doris and Todd's mother. (0:-00)

Todd's wife Cynthia answers Doris, "The hoarding." (0:02)

Psychotherapy session with psychologist Dr. Edwards (0:17)

Roz talks to Doris about Roz's deceased husband. (0:19)

Cynthia tells Doris, "You live in that house like a crazy person."
Doris: "Maybe you're the crazy person, and I'm the normal one." (0:32)

Session with Edwards (0:40)

Her friend and coworker John tells Doris, "I get nervous that I'm boring sometimes." (0:41)

Session with Edwards (0:44)

Doris tells John, "You've been kind of distracted."
John: "It's just been a really crazy week." (0:47)

John's girlfriend Brooklyn tells him, referring to her roommate, "She stopped going to a therapist..."
"What does my therapist do for me?"
John: "You cried during Home Alone?" (0:48)

Brooklyn tells Doris, "My parents just named me that because they love Woody Allen."
"It's my first time performing in front of an audience, so I'm super nervous." (0:50)

Dr. Edwards visits Doris' house with Cynthia and Todd. She helps Doris decide what to keep, donate or discard.
Cynthia, referring to Doris: "She's lost her mind." (0:55)

John tells Doris, referring to Brooklyn's jeans, "I was so depressed I put them on." (1:02)

Vivian tells Roz and the others, "So, they say Miss. Sheehan tripped and fell, but everyone knows she's got a drinking problem..." (1:09)

Nasir tells the others, "You say the phrase, 'Never have I ever...' and then something crazy..."
"Say, 'Never have I ever,' and then something crazy."
Coworker Sally: "Never have I ever had sex with my psychiatrist in high school."
John's friend Fiona: "I was a cutter." (1:09)

Roz tells Doris, "At least you didn't lose an ear, you know, like that painter..."
Doris: "Vincent van Gogh?" (1:18)

Dr. Edwards returns to help Doris choose which belongings to remove. (1:20)

John tells Doris, "Maybe this sounds crazy..." (1:25)