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Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Michael Rooker, Tracy Arnold, Tom Towles, David Katz
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A young man says, referring to gas station attendant Otis, "... pervert." (0:17)

Otis rolls a joint and offers it to his sister Becky and his roommate Otis. (0:19)

Becky tells Henry, referring to her father, "... he started coming into my room a lot, after that, and I didn't fight him, because when I did, he just hit me."
Henry, referring to his mother: "She beat me, too, a lot."
"... she was drunk, and we had an argument." (0:22)

A fence asks Henry, "Did I stutter?" (0:42)

His parole officer tells Otis, "Crazy guy."
"... gets drunk..." (0:45)

Drug dealer Otis hands a customer a bag of marijuana, lights a joint and passes it to him. (0:47)

Henry tells Becky, referring to Otis, "He's passed out." (1:04)

Reference in Serial Mom