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Henry & June

Fred Ward, Maria de Medeiros, Uma Thurman, Kevin Spacey, Richard E. Grant, Bruce Myers, Jean-Philippe Ecoffey, Juan Luis Bunuel, Artus de Penguern, Sylvie Huguel
Friedrich Nietzsche
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Publisher Edward Titus tells author Anais Nin, "What I'm interested in is how you came to have such insights into the erotic." (0:01)

Anais writes, referring to author Henry Miller, "He's a man life intoxicates." (0:13)

Anais tells Henry, "That actress in the film, she reminds you of someone, a woman who obsesses you... I’m often obsessed." (0:18)

Anais tells her husband Hugo, referring to Henry, "He's a parasite, and egoist." (0:25)

Henry's wife June: "It's as if you painted each room for a different mood, Anais." (0:26)

June tells Anais, “I want to be drunk and make you drunk."
”I wish I could have taken opium with you.” (0:43)

Hugo tells Anais, referring to June, "She's crazy." (0:46)

Hugo tells Henry, referring to Anais, "She's been under stress." (0:49)

Hugo writes in a letter to Anais, "... today as I watched Dryer's Passion of Joan of Arc, I saw the mad monk played by Antonin Artaud. I thought of you, like Joan, in all your youth and purity and single-minded madness, and I saw myself in Artaud, a hungering monk in love with you and in love with my madness and your madness..." (0:55)

Man in theater: "Perverts."
Man #2 in theater: ”Perverts, yourselves.” (1:00)

Henry: "I mean, read Nietzsche..." (1:02)

Henry's writer friend Richard tells Anais, "Nietzsche? I introduced him to Nietzsche." (1:12)

Henry tells Anais, "Osborn's gone too, gone crazy. Totally, we're celebrating Osborn's madness. (1:44)

Henry tells his actress wife June, "You're drunk." (1:55)

June tells Anais, "I burnt myself out."
Anais: ”I was drunk, I guess.” (1:59)

Henry tells June, "I thought you'd do something crazy." (2:06)

Title: "June became a social worker in Queens." (2:12)