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Higher and Higher

Michèle Morgan, Jack Haley, Frank Sinatra, Leon Errol, Marcy McGuire, Victor Borge, Mary Wickes, Elisabeth Risdon, Barbara Hale, Mel Tormé, Paul Hartman, Grace Hartman, Dooley Wilson, Ivy Scott
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Piano tycoon Cyrus Drake asks butler Byngham, “Would you say I was inebriated last night?”
Byngham: ”... although I wouldn’t say you were inebriated.” (0:04)

Mr. Drake: “Now don’t get nervous, Byngie.” (0:10)

Drake’s maid Mickey faints when she learns Frank Sinatra is at the door. (0:24)

Maid Sarah asks Georgia Keating and her daughter Katherine, “Wasn’t Pamela Drake a panic?” (0:46)

Singer Frank tells maid Millie (posing as Drake’s daughter Pamela, “You know, I seem to be confusing you.”
”... without confusing her, I’d say...” (0:58)

Entertainer Sandy asks Millie and valet Mike, “Have you gone crazy?” (1:15)

MIckey tells Millie, “You must be out of your mind.” (1:18)